Sibling - Boyfriend Talk- Cole

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Now with you and Zane are in a relationship now, Cole wanted to have a little, talk with Zane. Not that he didn't trust him, he did! But he just wanted to say a few things before you two get too much farther in you're relationship. Like before you guys consider marriage.

So, he and Zane took a break from training and sat down to talk. "So, Zane, I just wanted to say a few things, you know, because you're dating my sister."

Zane nods, he understood that Cole would want to tell him so stuff. "Yes Cole?"

"I just want you guys to take things carefully, and you better take care of her properly, and protect her. Don't let me catch her hurt because of you..." Cole kinda went on a little rant of all the things he was worried about might happen in their relationship.

Zane just chuckled softly as he listened to everything Cole was saying. "Okay Cole, I understand. I will always protect, and care for Y/N, I will never hurt her, or let her be hurt." He smiled.

Cole crossed his arms proudly and smiled. "Good. Now, let's finish training for the day."

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