|Arc 1| Chapter Eight.

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From then on out, Natsu started coming over more frequently, and they started to fit him into their busy schedule. Although Luke still was uneasy about him, he did enjoy the tips he would give off to him. Nashi, however, sees so much in him. It was like they were actually meant to be father and daughter, which is something Luke quickly noticed.

And now, here he was, playing his guitar and humming, pretending like he wasn't hearing Natsu and Nashi's conversation.

"Your mom tells me you have a crush on Storm right," and Nashi cheeks immediately flare up.

"W-what n-No way." Says Nashi turning the other way.

"Good, because I'd never allow it."

"Glad someone's on the same page as me." Says Luke. "Storm is hella annoying and he strips too damn much. He's an ice freak." Says Luke.

"Just like his father." Adds Natsu as him and Luke both laugh like it's the funniest thing ever.

"This makes me wonder what I see in you..." Says Lucy with a sigh.

"Don't worry, you know exactly what you see in me." He says leaning in for a kiss when both twins make gagging noises.

"Disgusting." Says Luke.

"Get a room." Adds Nashi causing both grown ups to laugh.

"Speaking of rooms, Natsu, has invited us on a trip of his this weekend so I want you two on your best behaviors."

Luke and Nashi both nod. "Hey Natsu, can you show me how to play that song again on the piano? I forgot some of the keys," Says Nashi And Natsu nods and goes to sit by Nashi making Lucy's heart melt.

"Isn't that cute," Whispers Lucy to Luke.

"If that's your definition of cute." Says Luke as he continues to strum on his guitar.

"Hey Natsu, when your done with Nash can you teach me how to play it on the guitar?" Asks Luke. "Of course. Nashi's a fast learner so it won't take long." Says Natsu, And about forty minutes later Natsu was helping Luke.

Lucy couldn't help but to smile. They looked like a real family.


~The Day of the Trip~

A few days later the gang packed up and headed out on Natsu boat, and it wasn't just the Dragneel's and Heartfilia's, it was all of their friends.

They had all just now got onto the boat and had already settled in.

"It's so good to see you again Juvia!" Says Lucy with a smile as she hugs her friend.

"Juvia thinks its nice to see you again too Lucy," Says Juvia hugging Lucy back.

"It also looks your Nashi and Juvia's Storm get along just fine." Says Juvia with a laugh.

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind being in laws with you." Says Lucy with looking over.

"You won't be the only one being in laws with someone Lu," speaks Levy. "Yesterday, while Nashi was over, I overheard Grace and her talking about boys they liked and I found out Grace has a crush on Luke."

"That's good to know, because Luke is head over heels for her." Says Lucy.

"Oh that's right, Mira and Erza! You have children too right?" Brings up Levy. "Really?" Asks Lucy. "Yeah, me and Jellal have three. You can easily recognize them." Says Erza, which was true. There was a boy and girl with red hair and another girl with Jellal's blue hair.

"I have one." Speaks Mirajane. "The girl with the white hair is my Nova." She speaks.

"Hm, then looks like Storm may have a bit of competition." Says Juvia.

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