Ch. 9 Interrogation Mode

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I woke up Monday morning and followed my daily routine. Working out, training, and I was about to go relax by the pool. But it was interrupted when I got an unexpected call from Peter.

"Hey, Em?"

"Peter? Why are you calling? Aren't you suppose to be at school? Are you in trouble?" I say worriedly.

"No, no, I'm fine. I kinda ditched because the sooner we figure out who the flying vulture guy is, the sooner we can take him down."

"You ditched school? Peter, I don't think that's a good idea. I mean this is your future we're talking about."

"Em, I'm so beyond high school right now. I'm probably never going back to Midtown. Because once we take this guy down, Mr. Stark will probably ask me to join the Avengers and move me upstate."

I stay silent. Playing all the possible scenarios in my mind of what Tony will do if we actually pull this off. Well probably get a lecture first, knowing him, because he didn't want us getting involved in the first place. Then, he'll tell us good job and give us a pat on our backs. He might ask Peter join, but I'm not a hundred percent sure.

"Em, you there?"

"Yeah I'm here. I'm on my way. I'll meet you in 5."

"Okay see you soon, Bye!"

"Bye, Peter."

Oh Peter, what are you getting me into?

When we get to his room, he puts on his mask.

"Hey, Karen. What's up?"

"Hey, Peter. Hi, Emerson. How are you guys doing?" The AI responds.

"We were wondering if you could help us. We're trying to figure out who the guys under the bridge were that night... but I can only remember part of a license plate."

"I can run facial recognition on the footage of that encounter."

"Footage?" I ask.

"Yes, Emerson. I record everything you guys see."

"Everything?" I question.

"Everything." Responds Karen.

"All the time?" Peter asks.

"It's called the Baby-Monitor Protocol."

"Yeah, of course it is. Yeah, just roll it back to last Friday." Peter says, annoyed.

"With pleasure."

"Hey, everyone. Yeah, kick-ass party. Hey, what's up, Liz? Peter's told me a lot about you." I see Peter talking in the mirror with his mask on. "No, no, no. This is just me messing around. Go later in the day, later in the day." He says, not wanting me to see what he was up to before I came over. "It is I, Thor, son of Odin." I burst out laughing when I see his Thor impression. "No, no, no. That's definitely- That's definitely not what we wanted to watch."

"Your impressions are very funny." Karen says to him.

"Fast-forward to the arms deal." I tell her, still laughing.

"The two on the right, who are they?" Peter asks as we look at the screen.

"Searching law enforcement databases. No records found for two of the individuals."

"Nothing?" I ask, feeling defeated.

"One individual identified." We both look at the screen. "Aaron Davis, age 33. He has a criminal record and an address here in Queens."

"Let's pay him a visit." Peter says while looking at me.

We find ourselves at a parking garage dressed in our suits. We hide in a dark shadow, waiting for Aaron David to go to his car. Then we spot him.

"Would you like me to activate the Enhanced Interrogation Protocol?" Karen asks Peter.

"Yeah sure. Why not?"

We run out, Peter shoots a web at Davis's hand so that it is stuck to his trunk. "Remember me?" Peter says in a deep, mutated voice.

"Hey-" Davis starts to say.

"I need information. You'll give it to me now." Peter continues.

"All right, chill."

"Come on!" Peter says, trying to persuade the man to tell him everything he knows.

"What happened to your voice?" The criminal asks.

"What do you mean?" Peter questions.

"I heard you by the bridge. I know what a girl sound like." I burst out laughing at Davis's words.

"I'm not a girl. I'm a boy. I mean, I'm a- I'm a man." Peter says, frustrated. I'm still laughing.

"I don't care what you are, a boy, a girl-"

"I can confirm that he is in fact male." I say, trying to clear the air.

"Come on, man. Look, who is selling these weapons? We need to know. Give us names or else." Peter says, attempting to sound threatening.

"You ain't ever done this before, huh?" Davis says.

"Deactivate Interrogation Mode." Peter says.

"Look, man. These guys are selling weapons that are crazy dangerous. They can't be out on the streets. If one of them can cut Delmar's Bodega in half-" I begin to say, but am cut off.

"You guys know Delmar's?"

"Yeah, best sandwiches in Queens." I tell him.

"Sub Haven's pretty good." The criminal tells us.

"It's too much bread." Peter chimes in.

"I like bread."

"Come on, man, please." Peter starts feeling defeated, and walks off. "Stupid Interrogation Mode. Karen, don't ever do that again."

"The other night, you both told that dude, 'if you shoot somebody, shoot me.' That's pretty ballsy. I don't want those weapons in this neighborhood. I got a nephew who live here." Davis speaks up, wanting to help us fine the guy with wings.

"Who are these guys? What can you tell us about the guy with the wings?" I ask him, needing any information he can give us.

"Other than he's a psychopath dressed like a demon, nothing. I don't know who he is or where he is." He pauses, "I do know where he's gonna be."

"Really?" Peter asks.

"Yeah, this crazy dude I used to work with... he's supposed to be doing a deal with him."

"Yes! Yes. Thank-" Peter starts walking off.

"Hey. Hey. Hey. He didn't tell us where." I yell to Peter.

"Yeah, you don't have a location." The criminal adds.

"Right, of course. Yeah, my bad. Silly. Just-- Yeah. Where is it?" Peter questions.

"Can I give you some advice? You got to get better at this part of the job."

"I don't understand. I'm intimidating."

"Sure you are, bud." I tell him, placing my hand on his shoulder.

"Staten Island Ferry, 11."

"Oh, that's soon." I say.

"That's gonna dissolve in two hours." Peter tells the man, as we start to walk off.

"No, no, no. Come fix this."

"Two hours. You deserve that." I tell him.

"I got ice cream in here."

"You deserve that. You're a criminal. Bye, Mr. Criminal." Peter says, waving goodbye.

Then we head to the Staten Island Ferry.

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