Ch. 14 What the F-

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The press conference ends and Tony direct me out into the hall.

"You did good kid. I'm proud of you."

"Thanks Tony. You don't think it was too much. I mean, revealing my identity to the world."

"Nah, I did the same thing. It all turned out okay for me, remember."

"Yeah, no trouble accumulated from that at all." I say sarcastically.

"I have something for you to give back to Peter." He pulls out a brown paper bag and hands it to me. It reads "This belongs to you. TS"

"Is this-" I don't even have to ask, I know it's Peters suit.

"Do me a favor, bring that to him and tell him that it's his. And I will never take it away again."

"Will do." I say. And I immediately fly off.

When I arrive through the window, I see Peter isn't home yet. I take a seat on his bed and set the bag down next to me. Then I hear the door open.

"Ahhh, Holy shit." He's startled because I'm still in my new suit.

"Sorry, sorry." I say, retracting my helmet. "I brought you something." I hand him the bag.

"Seriously? He's giving it back to me."

"Well yeah, you think he's gonna expect you to fight crime in that torn up onesie."

He laughs. "It's not a onesie."

"I know, I'm messing with you." I smile. "You deserve it. And he told me to tell you that it's yours and he won't ever take it away again. You earned it, bud."

He takes it out of the bag and puts the suit on quickly. I put my helmet back on so that we are both fully suited. We stand together in his room, in our suits, looking at ourselves in the mirror. I high five him and retract my helmet again. We smirk at each other, then, out of nowhere, we here May.

"What the f-"

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