Chapter 2

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<P>I know that Chapter 1 doesn't really say anything and neither does Chapter 2 but it's a build-up and something will happen very soon.</P>

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<P>Chapter 2</P>

<P>Wow. The room was hugely decorated. Flowers, Ribbons, Candles, Flowers, Banners and More Flowers. There was even a cake. This was over the top. So Alice! " Wow! Alice, you really didn't have to go to all this bother " I say looking around again. " Bother shmother. " Was all she said. Edward pulled me towards the loveseat and I sat inbetween Seth and Jacob. " Oi! You blocked my view! " Jacob complained.</P>

<P>" Can't see <EM>my </EM>child? " I teased him. He looks away, cursing quietly. I giggle and lean on Edwards shoulder. He places his hand around my waist and pulls me closer. If I were human I would have been too embarrassed to do this. Because this was my family, I didn't really care. </P>

<P>" Open each others presents! " Alice shouted from upstairs, excitedly. I groaned and held my hand out for Edwards gift. He handed me it. I stroked it and it felt expensive. I opened the lid of the box and on the inside was a few sentences engraved on the top.</P>

<P><EM>To My Dearest Bella,</EM></P>

<P><EM>                             I hope you like it. Happy Anniversary. I love you.</EM></P>

<P><EM>                                                                                                     Edward</EM></P>

<P>I pulled out the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen. It looked and felt priceless. " Edward. It's so beautiful. Thank you. " I said smiling at him. He took it from me and place it on my neck. I kissed him and before I got carried away, Emmett coughed.</P>

<P>" Rose! Come here! " Alice came down and grabbed Rosalie's arm. She groaned and went upstairs to help the pixie girl. After <EM>alot</EM> of banging aboout Rosalie returns downstairs with a big rip in her jeans.</P>

<P>" Bella. Can you come and help us? Edwards gift isn't bieng friendly today. " I sighed and headed up the stairs to find Alice pushing and shoving on a grand piano. I look at her in shock. " What the heck is that, Alice?! " I say taking the piano off it's side and getting it out the room quite easily. " I forgot it was too big to fit through the door. " She said sheepishly. I laugh and she goes back to normal. " It's very nice but he already has one. " I say taking it into Edwards old room.</P>

<P>" Yes, but he doesn't have one at the cottage. We have to take it out this way anyway. " I groan and jump out the glass window. " Throw it down! " I shout up at them. Rose jumps out the window then raises her arms out to catch the piano. I do the same and wait for it to fall.</P>

<P>We catch it and run to the cottage. I take it inside and leave it in the sitting room for Alice to deal with. I headed back to the house and sat down next to Edward again. " So ... Am I going to get to see it later? " He asks curiouosly. " You all are. As soon as Alice calls me. " I don't even get to finish my sentence properly. I pick up my cell and it was Alice. " You ready? " I ask. They all nod and head to the cottage.</P>

<P>                            <STRONG> *                                   *                               *   </STRONG> </P>

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