31: Magic

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♧♧3rd Pov♧♧


The darkness that shrouds every hostage. But they were separated from each other.

Y/n woke up, her eyes trying to adjust the settings, she couldn't make out much, only a door that's 40 feet away from her.

A groan escaped her lips and her head pounds. She lifted a hand to her forehead but was stopped when her hand couldn't go further than a few inches off the ground.

Perplexed, she looked down and saw her hands restrained. A chains connecting to the rock behind her.

Her other hand was no different, and so is her legs and waist.

She grunted and pulled on the chains, the sounds of rattles and grunts filling the room.

Her pupils dilated the every few failed attempts, her hands slightly shaking and her lips qu-

She stopped and glare ahead of her. A dim light emmited from the ceiling, revealing a hooded figure, a smirk on their lips.

"Are they uncomfortable?" She asked. Her voice filled with amusement at the hostage failed attempts.

"Cut the crap." Y/n snapped, her eyes narrowing.

"Where's my friends? Where's Hikari and Silver?" She asked, venom tainting her words.

"The exceeds were safely escorted elsewhere, and your friends are in a different cell. The other two slayers in a cell ready to be escorted, and the blond somewhere in the dungeons." The hooded figure said.

"Fortunately, the blond is useless to us. So she'll be executed." She smirked.

"Why are you like this? Don't you remember your friends back at Fairy Tail?" Y/n asked, leaning forward slightly.

The hooded figure took off her hood, revealing her h/c hair, dull e/c eyes and slightly pale skin.

"Friends huh?" She scoffed.

"I don't have friends in Fairy Tail, they're all just insects ready to be squash. They're pathetic, running from every encounter, every fight. A disgrace for a guild." She sneered, pacing around the rather large room.

"You better shut up." Y/n growled.

"Or what? You're going to lecture me about friends and family? Trust me, the blond already did and it's disgusting." Edo-Y/n said, her voice filled with disgust. Then she shuddered in disgust as she remembers the lecture.

"I must say though, the exceeds did a pretty good job in leading you into our grasp." She said.

"They have names you know. And they didn't intentionally lead me, they had no clue what was going to happen!" Y/n stated, a growl ripping from her throat.

"Oh they did. They played their missions like pros. Manipulating and leading you here." She said.

Y/n looked down in disbelief, could it be true? No....can't be...they'll never...

As if Edo-Y/n read her mind, she said   "I've noticed that the Silver exceed wasn't there with you from the beginning correct?"

Y/n didn't answer.

"How did you think he knows about you? He and the yellow one was implanted with a mission, to get to you. That's the true reason why they cling to you." She said, putting her hood back on.

"They were supposed to kill you and the other two Dragon Slayers. But the did something far better. They manipulated you and brought you here to Edolas." She laughed and turned to the door and make her way to it.

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