|Arc 1| Chapter Six.

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"Heartfilia residence. May I ask whose calling?" Asks Nashi through the phone. It was unusual to receive phone calls form unknown numbers.

"This is Natsu Dragneel, is Lucy home?" Nashi smirks upon the name. It's not like she hasn't seen the news reports and headlines, she knew her mom was going out with a celebrity.

"Oh my mom? She's busy writing her novel right now and she hates when we go down there." Answers Nashi.

"Well how about you bring the phone to her, I promise she won't yell and if she does then you can blame it on although, I'm sure she'll be happy to receive a call from me."

Natsu was right though. It wasn't like Nashi didn't know who her mother was talking to all the time while doing everything.

"Sure," Answers Nashi as she heads towards her mothers room. She decided not to ask him any questions. If him and her mom were serious and she let them meet him then Luke would do all the questions.

"Mom," Says Nashi knocking on the door. "There's a person by the name of Natsu on the phone, do you want the call? It looks like your busy though so maybe I should just hang-"

"No!" Says Lucy, as she opens the door, taking the phone from her daughter.

"Thanks a bunch," She Says before slamming it shut in her face.


"That's one daughter you have there," Natsu chuckles through the phone.

Lucy laughs as well. "Yeah, she's a handful. And she won't admit it, but she has a crush on Gray's son Storm. I think they like each other."

"If I were you I wouldn't let them date." Says Natsu, And Lucy could almost feel his sickening glare. "Why? He's not a bad kid and Gray-"

"Is terrible! Like father like son!" Says Natsu and Lucy can't help but roll her eyes.

"Why'd you call?" Asks Lucy. For the last 2 months they've been what you'd call dating, although all their friends say their boyfriend and girlfriend.

Along with that Natsu would come to her job everyday on her lunch break and take her out to eat, and then call her in the afternoon till they atleast fell asleep on the phone.

"What, I can't call the girl of my dreams?"

Lucy almost laughs immediately. "Yeah, but not this early. Usually you start calling at eight. It's four."

"I want to take you out for dinner." He Answers.

"You know I can't. I haven't even made the twins dinner."

"Take them with you."

"Natsu you know t-they don't have a father...I don't want them to meet you yet until...until the times right." She Answers.

"Well I was thinking that they should meet me before July 4th."

Lucy raises a brow. "July 4th? Why?" She Asks. It was the end of May, and the twins would have their graduation next week."

"I'm inviting all our friends on a trip. We'll take my private yacht to the Bahamas and back. Along with that I'm inviting all their children. I've already talked to my brother about giving you off time and everything."

"Natsu you know I don't have the money for that-"

"It's all on me," Says Natsu.

"Natsu you can't keep doing that. If we're gonna be a couple everything has to be equal. You can't-"

"I can Luce, and I want to. Your coming right and that's final, and your bringing your children."

"Fine, but this is the last time Natsu." Says Lucy.

"Whatever Luce, so our you bringing your children for dinner?" Asks Natsu.

Lucy rolls her eyes. "As long as it's a casual place. Nowhere fancy. And I'm gonna pay," Says Lucy.

"Sure, sure, do you want me to pick you up or-"

"Send me the address. If you pick me up Luke will have a fit."

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