✿05: here we go✿

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the chapter that you all have been waiting for :)


it was the next day and kaycee was laying in bed, reading over the message she had sent sean last night, what was she thinking? now she has to wear something crazy, something she normally never did. she was supposed to be assisting jojo tonight with a something sensual and sexy routine, so she would have to go earlier to learn the routine beforehand. but she had to where something for sean, to let him know that she wasn't messing around.

she got out of her bed, walking over to her dresser. she got on her knees, digging through the drawers to find something. she needed something he hasn't seen before. something he hasn't known about even when they were best friends. she wanted to wear something that would make his eyes boggle. she wanted him to want her, to really want her. just to be reminded that he couldn't have her.

she found a pair of fishnet tights with a pair of short jean shorts that barely cover anything. she paired that with a mesh bodysuit and a black sports bra. she looked at the outfit laid out on her bed and smirked, this was definitely going to get him going.

she checked the time, seeing it was almost time to get going. so she stripped from her sweats and shirt, taking a deep breath as she changed her sports bra, pulling the bodysuit on and clipping it. she pulled the shorts on, gulping as she saw how short the fabric truly was.

thank god she was driving herself this time and her parents weren't going to see her in this. until they saw the video.

she went through her closet, deciding on a pair of black, tall combat boots. she sat at her vanity and straightened her hair. she curled her eyelashes and put on some red lipstick. she got up and looked herself in the mirror,

"damn, i look good." she giggled, high on the feeling. she grabbed her phone, placing it in her small backup before rushing out of the house, grabbing the keys on the way. she really didn't want devon or kylie to see her so she just rushed out of the house. she quickly got in the car and drove to tim's studio.

when she got there, all she saw was jojo and donovan's car. so she got out and walked into the building, feeling a new wave of confidence. she walked into the studio seeing the couple laughing and talking. they both instantly stopped talking and stared at her. "what the hell are you wearing, hottie?" jojo asked, giggling. she rushed up to kaycee, hugging her tightly. "who are you all dressed up for? i mean, i love it, and it's great for tonight, but i'm just curious." jojo asked once they pulled away.

"no one, i just wanted to dress up for myself. plus, you said to come in a sexy outfit, so that's what i did." kaycee giggled.

"okay, well we don't have long until class starts, so let's start this combo." jojo exclaimed happily.

kaycee and jojo worked on the combo, kaycee instantly loving it. it was soft and sexy, sensual. she couldn't wait to show it off tonight to sean. that asshole.

once they finished the combo, the three of them just sat and talked. kaycee told them about the whole sean situation. jojo and donovan found the whole thing funny, which made kaycee laugh.

"he's an ass guys, he's so full of himself and he thinks he can get any girl he wants. but little does he know, he will not be getting me. he's a douche and i'm gonna put him in his place." she said once people started walking into the room. the three of them stood up, laughing and joking around.

kaycee watched sean walk in, her heart squeezing.

here we go.


this is short as hell and it sucks. but i'm sorry kkksksks

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