Chapter 1- bullies

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I wake up at 7:00 am and head downstairs to the kitchen. My back hurts really bad because of what Jack Avery did to me yesterday.
I was walking to my locker and grabbed all my books for English. I close my locker in a rush so I don't see Jack and his friends. I was a few feet away from my classroom when someone pulled on my
hoodie. I turn around to see Jack Avery. I try to run but it's no use. "Why are you in such a rush Herron?" I don't answer him and instead get away from him until Jonah stopped me. "Where do you think your going?" I sigh and just stand there. Jack pushes me up against the locker and starts to punch me. His friends are cheering him on. He starts to kick my back and then pins me against the lockers again. "S-stop" I say as my nose starts to bleed. He drops me and I fall to the ground. I saw him start to walk away so I tried getting up. He turned back around and said "don't tell anyone or else your dead". I listened. When I came home my mom asked what happened. "I tripped over rock and fell down a hill" I lied. "Do you want some ice?" My mom said. I didn't want any ice so I said no.

I get to school and I see my best friend Eben. He's the only person I could trust other than my mom and siblings Reese and Ryan. "Hey, how are you?"he says. "I'm fine" I lied. I was so sore from yesterday and just wanted to go home. " I gotta get to class. See ya later Zach!" Eben leaves to his class and then I hear Jack coming up behind me. "What do you want?" I say in a annoyed tone while turning around. "Meet me by my car after school" Jack said. Now I'm debating whether or not to listen. "And why would I do that?" I respond. "Just do it" Jack says while shoving me out of his way. What could he possibly want? Should I go? I guess I will.

I get through all my classes and during last period I started to worry about going to see Jack after school. What did Jack need me for? My teacher was explaining homework but I couldn't hear anything because my mind was overwhelmed with thoughts. My friend Eben nudged my arm with is elbow. "Dude, come on! The bell just rang." "It did? Huh, I guess I didn't hear it" I say. We both giggled a bit and I said goodbye to him. I go to grab my back pack and start to head out of school. I go to the bathroom real quick and clean my self up before seeing Jack because to be honest, I have a small crush on him. I know! It's weird.. but I just do. Maybe it's his curly hair or beautiful brown eyes. After making myself look somewhat nicer I head over to the parking lot to Jacks car and see him leaning against it.

A/N: this is my very first story. I hope you guys all like it. Should I keep writing this book?❤️
(Sorry if anything is spelt wrong)

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