Chäptër Thïrty-Twø

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Faith's P.O.V

A loud cry escaped my lips as the fire completely encircled my wrist, the burning blue flames eating away at my skin. My first instinct was to snatch my arm away from the heat, but Dominic had me held tightly in his grip.

The pain was white hot and filled with agony, and while it was nearly unbearable, Dominic's reaction was worse.

My eyes flicked up to his in a desperate plea just in time to see a bright streak of alarm shoot across his features before guilt, regret, and frustration followed suit.

I continued to writhe in his hold, my eyes squeezing closed against the burning of my wrist; I wanted to cry out to him, to say something to calm him, but the only thing that would escape my lips were the whines and cries of a small child.

I pulled my other hand limply from my side and shoved it against his chest, in hopes of breaking his hold.

My efforts were avenged, as my touch seemed to pull him to reality. I watched his hand instantly release mine as if emerging from a foggy stupor, his eyes widening in realization before he took a staggering step away from me.

I fell to my knees as soon as he freed me, my right arm coming up to my chest while tears pooled in my eyes. The smell of burnt flesh turned my stomach dangerously and the look of my bloody and seared wrist was nearly worse.

I crawled backwards on one hand until I was leaning against a tree with my arm held tightly against me, my main focus only being to keep the raw and sensitive skin from touching anything around me.

Dominic just continued to stare with his chest heaving, disbelief echoing in dark flashes across his sharp features.

"Faith...I--" He stammered, his head shaking before his eyes dropped down to my arm. Now disbelief was no where in sight, but was instead replaced by anger and shock. "By the gods..."

He hurried over to me and I couldn't help the way I cowered against the tree, my arm pulling itself closer to my body. I saw the hurt in his eyes and falter in his step, but I couldn't help the strange fear that now ran through my blood. I knew it was a simple trifle, and that it was unmeant, but I couldn't find it in myself to simply shake it off.

I knew that if I were to look down at my arm now, I would see a blackened hand with underlying bone showing itself through the surface in a horrifying display before then moving to my wrist that now had flaked and peeling skin with blood pouring from all of the exposed meat along its curves. It was horrid and made me feel sick. Not even was it permanently scarred, but it was also my bow hand, along with anything else that required use. My dominant hand was ruined.

"Faith, I am so sorry. I have no clue what came over me," He said dejectedly, before looking up and locking eyes with my own. "I knew not you were behind me, I reacted out of past experience, I--" He looked down again when the tears continued to fall down my cheeks.

I know Dominic. Its alright. Those were the words I wanted to voice, but couldn't due to the timely loss of my words.

Instead, I staggered to my feet and clung to the trunk of the tree with my good hand, a wince escaping my mouth with small dignity. His eyes shot up at the small sound and I offered a small smile.

"Dominic...medicine. I need to clean this." I said breathlessly, trying to keep my mind from the searing agony.

I could tell my words surprised him, and if I was honest, they even surprised me, but I didn't dwell on the matter.

He nodded slowly and started towards me, a small smile stretching over his lips. "You know, as bad as this all seems, I do have good news." He stated, his hand coming to rest on my shoulder reassuringly.

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