Imagine: NCT in bed

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18+ read at your own risk.

I'm NOT including any Dream members (just because I said so. I know the 00 line is legal but I'm just not doing them right now) and I'm not including Xiaojun, Hendery, or Yangyang (because it's really hard for me to write about them because I feel like I don't really know them a whole lot)

Uh oh we're gonna get a little freakkkyyyy again ((;

Basically I'm just listing out things they might do in bed/kinks they may have let's getit

Taeil:• a sub but wbk• vanilla • honestly probably lazy like he might just lay there and let you ride him • he's more of a boob guy than a butt guy; he likes the way they look • likes when you give him hickeys in places other people can't see • la...

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• a sub but wbk
• vanilla
• honestly probably lazy like he might just lay there and let you ride him
• he's more of a boob guy than a butt guy; he likes the way they look
• likes when you give him hickeys in places other people can't see
• lasts an average amount of time (not short but also can't go on for a super long time)
• deep moans; kind of like hums
• will try new things if you ask but he's hesitant

• dom but will sub if you ask or if he's feeling tired
• will let you and probably like it when you call him daddy
• orgasm denial, but also over stimulates you
• lotssss of swearing
• really likes random blowjobs
• likes to pull on long hair
• more of an ass guy, but likes boobs too
• his favorite position is any that lets him hit it rough from the back

• Switch; people think he's dom but I'm thinking he's 50/50
• doesn't mind taking you into a bathroom stall or sliding his hands down your pants on the bus (aka he has a slight public kink)
• slight gagging kink (when you're doing it not him)
• will leave hickeys wherever the hell he wants he doesn't care who sees
• when he's the sub he lowkey likes when you tie his hands up or hold his arms down
• he'll sub mainly when he's tired which is honestly a lot since he's so busy
• pretty quiet aside from the occasional grunts
• not an ass or boob guy he likes both
• a lot of sloppy kissing

• 100% dom
• even if you try to sub (cause he wouldn't mind letting you try) it will end up him just dominating the whole thing
• bondage and chocking kinks
• an ass guy
• loud and powerful moans
• calls you pet names like "babygirl"
• spanking
• wants you to leave scratches on his back
• rough af even when he isn't trying to be
• can go on for a long time
• over stimulates
• who are we kidding he probably likes everything-

• switch; also 50/50 like Taeyong
• probably pretty vanilla doesn't like doing it anywhere but the bedroom
• you two probably leave your clothes on fairly often or do it in the dark
• boob guy
• likes using sex toys
• doesn't talk only moans
• likes giving and receiving hickeys
• praise kink; giving and receiving
• not super long, but maybe multiple times a day if he isn't busy
• role play
• he likes fingering and hand jobs
• the kinkiest thing he probably does is wax play

• dom
• probably likes insulting you or a humiliation kink but only if you're okay with it
• like leaving little bruises from holding you tightly
• super loud and talks a lot
• boob and butt guy slightly more on the boob side
• likes pain; mainly giving
• bondage once and a while
• s p a n k i n g
• likes watching porn and might have it playing in the background or you two just watch it together and do mutual masturbation
• likes pulling hair
• super gentle afterward and is probably the member with the best aftercare (probably cause he can be kind of mean during sex agsjsbxjsk)

• switch; slightly more sub
• likes when you're on top
• I think he likes being tied up
• praise kink mainly receiving
• likes giving hickeys
• not a lot of talking or noise during sex because he like kissing instead
• ass guy
• probably doesn't mind role play. Teacher x student mainly
• likes when you pull his hair
• likes oral mainly receiving
• I feel like he's kind of needy and whiny. He won't like orgasm denial or anything like that he just wants to get straight to the point

• dom but that's not surprising
• r o u g h
• an ass guy cause he likes spanking
• orgasm denial cause he likes hearing you whine
• doesn't mind teasing you in public
• he loves oral both giving and receiving
• bondage but not often cause he likes getting to the main point fast and bondage can take time
• gagging and choking fetish
• he masturbates a lot which doesn't really have a whole lot to do with you, but just be prepared
• just overall horny 24/7
• says pet names and swears
• likes giving hickeys not so much receiving
• likes biting too
• will probably just pick you up and just slam into you-

• people be thinking Winwin is a sub but deep down be a freaky dom-
• role play
• boob dude
• grunts and moans a lot
• honestly probably into bondage
• likes pain; giving and receiving
• it might take him a while to open up but like I said he a lowkey freak
• I think he likes getting hickeys cause then it's like "see? I'm not super innocent bitches"
• probably doesn't have sex as often as everyone else but when he does he doesn't disappoint
• favorite position is the basic one where you're on your back and he's over you
• not super rough or anything but he knows what he's doing (;

• another baby that's a lowkey daddy-
• a switch but doms more often than not
• bruises either hickeys it from grabbing you
• praise kink giving and receiving
• really quiet and basically whispers whatever he wants to say
• really breathy
• likes oral mainly receiving but will give
• likes hand jobs too
• he just likes sex like he'll never turn it down 🤷🏻‍♀️
• when he subs he just likes lying back and watching you ride him
• more of a butt guy but appreciates the boobs
• strip tease for him and he will m e l t
• also likes getting nudes because it's thrilling to him especially if he opens it in public
• likes pushing the limits and trying new things

• just go ahead and say it with me guys; Lucas is a d o m
• fingering because he knows it really gets to you because his hands are so fucking big-
• will give you a million hickeys and little bruises and likes when you leave scratches on him
• you saying daddy doesn't freak him out and kind of gives him more confidence 🤷🏻‍♀️
• will swear a lot and is also really loud when moaning
• loves when you blow him, but he also likes pushing you down farther so you gag
• he's rough but that's not surprising
• possessive and will "punish" you if you get to close to other guys
• doesn't like using toys because "why would you need toys when you have him?"
• likes watching porn but will probably only watch it and masturbate if you aren't around to bang
• an ass guy and likes spanking you
• honestly just all over the place one night he's super gentle and loving and the next he's pulling your hair and making you scream daddy-

• a shy bean
• starts out sub and works his way up to dom
• pretty lazy sex like it isn't anything extravagant y'all just get the job done-
• likes hickeys and basically is just kissing your neck the whole time because he knows where all the sweet spots are
• can be rough
• but can also be super gentle
• is worried he's hurting you and always asks if you're okay
• long breathy moans
• he's a 50/50 butt and boob guy
• like having chill music playing in the background
• like doing it all around the house as long as no one else is there; kitchen counter? Even that's fair game
• likes morning shower sex too; good way to start the day
• probably won't cuss a whole lot, but will call you pet names in Korean and English. His favorite is probably just "baby"
• will start rapping in the middle of-JK

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