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I glance back to find who the voice belongs to. I double take to get a better look at the tall boy with toned muscles and jet-black hair.

He moves swiftly and joins me at the railing of the patio overlooking the city. "Come here often?" He asks and I snort before turning bright red from embarrassment.

Smooth, Jessie. Smooth.

He lets out a laugh that's so obviously whole hearted. It's one of the most beautiful and pure sounds I've ever heard.

"That lines a little tired, isn't it?" I finally say.

"Eh, if it's not broke, don't fix it" he says as he shrugs his shoulders. "I'm talking to a beautiful girl right now aren't I?"

I look around "where is she?" I ask, and I'm rewarded again with his laugh.

"Stop. You know you're gorgeous."

I look down tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear before continuing the conversation while ignoring his compliments.

"What brought you here tonight?" I ask him.

"Eh, nothing special. Me and my boys wanted a night out without all of the craziness. My friend Luke is still getting over a breakup and we wanted him to get back out there."

"Ah, so you're one of them."

"Them?" He asks.

"A celebrity. Hmm....where have I seen you before?" I ask as I tap my finger against my chin. He raises his eyebrows in amusement as I try to place him.

"You've got an accent, so obviously you're a transplant though I can't quite figure out what your accent is-"

"A mess" he says with a chuckle, "I've moved around a good bit here the last few years so it's pretty non-distinguishable at this point.

"Well, that doesn't help me at all" I say laughing lightly. "Tell me."

"I don't know, I'm having fun watching you try to figure it out." He says and I roll my eyes but smile.

"At least give me a hint?" I ask shooting him a sad puppy look. He only laughs.

"I kind of like that you don't recognize me."

"Yeah?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, these days I'm pretty much always surrounded by people with fake smiles and words because they want something from me. It's nice to talk to someone and just be normal." He glances at me and I'm drawn to his chocolate brown eyes. He's insanely attractive and I know if I'd seen him before, I would have remembered him.

"I'm a little embarrassed I can't make the connection."

"I'm in a band" he says.

"Yeah that makes sense" I say. He cocks an eyebrow in response giving me a quizzical look. "I just mean you said you travel a lot, your outfit is all black, but in a cool way, and you have this confidence that reads performer. It makes sense that you're in a band."

He tilts his head as if carefully considering my words then turns to me. "Ok, so what do you think I do in the band?"


"What gave it away?" He asks sounding a little surprised I'd nailed his role.

"You seem too reserved for a lead singer, your shoulder and arm muscles are in proportion to the rest of your body, so I don't think you play drums, and you have big hands...so the bass makes sense."

"Damn. You got me all figured out now, don't you?" He says with a wink as he moves closer to me.

I scrunch my face as I realize he's flirting with me.

"Is it true?" I ask with a smirk.

"Is what true?" He asks a little confused.

"What they say about boys with big hands?" His eyes fly open in surprise and I giggle but cover my mouth with my hand. Even I am surprised by how brash I'm being. I'll blame it on the alcohol.

"Hmmm. I don't know, maybe if you're lucky you can find out." He replies as I suddenly become very aware of how close our faces are. "Dance with me?" He asks as he extends his hand. I take it and he leads me back into the club. He stops at the bar grabbing us each another drink before he pulls me onto the dance floor and our bodies move in synch to the music. I grind against him and his hot breath on my neck turns me on more than it should. God it's been too long. We dance in this way for several more songs before he whispers, "you're beautiful," into my ear. Every hair on my skin raises in response to his words. They're so simple but the way he says them is so incredibly sexy. I spin to face him and his hand grasps at my back pushing me against him. His eyes meet mine before falling to his soft, pink lips. They look so kissable.

I realize I'm moving closer to him unexplainably, like I'm drawn to him, like we're magnetic. I return my gaze to his eyes and find him staring at me, a smile playing on his lips.

"I want to kiss you," He says "but I feel that may be quite rude, as I don't even know your name."

"Jessie. J-Jessie Goodwin." I stammer out

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Jessie. I'm Calum. Calum Hood."

I like his name, it's different, but it's suits him.

Calum clears his throat and I return my attention to the black haired boy. "Jessie...May I kiss you?"

I don't offer a reply instead reaching my hands around his neck and pulling him closer to me. I tilt my chin so that our lips align and savor the sweet tingle that passes through them as they connect. His lips are soft and smooth. He flits his tongue across mine asking for entrance and I part my lips to grant him access. His tongue tangles with mine and he bites my lower lip softly. When we finally pull apart I'm breathless. My heart is beating out of my chest and I'm incredibly turned on. It's such a passionate connection for two people who have only just met.

"Do you want to get out of here?" He asks with a look of both hope and worry in his eyes. He's scared I'm going to reject him. I haven't hooked up with anyone in ages. Lena would be proud, this is what she wanted for me. They say the best way to get over someone, is to get under someone new. Calum is attractive, kind, and he makes me feel things I haven't in over a year. I want this. I want him.

I realize I'm taking too long to answer him and finally nod my head yes. I glance around the room for Lena and spot her still dancing with the guy from earlier. I catch her attention and point to Calum and then the door telling her I'm leaving, she points to her dance partner and indicates she has similar plans for the rest of the evening. Calum let's his friends know he's leaving, their eyes following his gestures to me. They're all very attractive but none of them strike my fancy like Calum. I laugh lightly at the fact that they all definitely look like they belong in a band, and had I met them together, I'd have put it together sooner. Calum returns to my side and grabs my hand. I stop by the table to grab my jacket and let Calum lead me out of the club.

When we exit to the deserted street, I feel the toll of the alcohol hit. The slower pace and lack of music making my drunkenness clear. I glance over and see that Calum seems to be in a similar state. We hail a taxi and he gives the driver his address. When we pull up we're at an obviously ritzy apartment building. Calum offers me his hand and helps me from the car. He leads me to the front door, which is held open by the doorman, and escorts me to the elevator where he mashes the button for the top floor. I raise my eyebrows but make no remarks, I guess his band is decent if he can afford to live here, in a penthouse. We step off the elevator and he fumbles for his keys, before he takes my hand and pulls me towards, what I can only presume is, the bedroom.

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