Your demise

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Yup!It's a crossover!Although the events that happen in this series are way ahead of my other book 'The Ultimate harem(Rwby harem x Male reader).So if you wanna see that story in its greatness I suggest you read that one first before heading into this story.Or don't!I don't care I'm not the boss of you.Now with that out of the way.....Let's get into this!

You and your team was exploring this old temple place thing trying to find a lost item that could be if great use to fend off the grimm.

Ruby:Are youuuuuuuu a type of fish?

Y/n:Uhhhh technically no but I am a creature that has to breathe in the water.

You,Ruby,and Yang was playing 20 questions to pass the time.

Y/n:15 questions left.

Yang:Is it a creature that walks on the ocean floor?


Ruby:A horse-shor crab!

Y/n:Nope!13 left.

Weiss:Will you 3 cut it out!!There could possibly some traps here and you all are goofing around!

Y/n:Well how will you pass the time?

Weiss:How about the quiet game?

Ruby:Nah to boring.

Yang:I spy?

Blake:There's nothing but rocks,walls,and dust around here.

Y/n:Hmmmmm.Hey what's this?

You turn left and see something on a pedistal.

Y/n:This be the mysterious relic thing-a-ma-jig?


Blake:What is it exactly though?

Winter(mic):We're not sure.That's why we need to collect it.


Yang walked towards the relic.As she did you sensed dark energy.It was super familiar.

Y/n:Ghk!Get back!!

You pulled Yang away.

Yang:What the!?Y/n what's wrong with you!?

Y/n:That energy from my first mission!It's back!

The 4 girls pulled out their weapons.

Weiss:.......I'm not seeing anything Y/n.

Winter(mic):No he's right.We're picking up reading in front of the relic.

They all faced towards where the relic was.A couple of seconds passed then the dark energy became visible.It swirled up and transformed into a portal!It started to suck you all in!Ruby planted her scythe on the floor to stop her self from getting sucked in.So did Weiss and Blake with their weapons.You were strong enough to just stand there and hold Yang since she didn't have anything to hold on 2.

Y/n:I got an idea!

With 1 hand you shot a ki blast at the portal.But it just sucked it in!

Y/n:Ghh!It sucked in a ki blast!?

That's when the portal became stronger.It you started to slip.But that only made it stronger!


You then stuck your sword in the ground tightly holding Yang.

Yang:Y/n!I'm slipping!


That's when you had an idea.

Y/n(mind):God knows what'll be on the other side.

You then look at the 4 girls one by one.

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