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"Are you mad at me?" Calum asked as I sat on the floor of the nursery room, putting together a play pin.

"No Cal" I spoke out quietly.

"Then why are you being so quiet?" He asked.

"Cause I'm not in the best mood" I spoke.

"What happened to put you in a bad mood?" He questioned back.

"I'm hungry" I spoke, hearing him immediately laugh.

"Well why didn't you just say that, princess" he laughed.

"Because I just ate- I shouldn't be hungry" I mumbled.

"Casey- don't forget, you're eating for two now."

a week later

"Twenty three weeks pregnant-" "I'm fucking huge." I mumbled as I laid on the bed in Ashton's exam room.

"No cursing, the baby can hear that"

Calum immediately laughed at Ashton's comment.

"So our babygirl is the size of a grapefruit" Ashton spoke, spreading the goop across my stomach, a picture of the baby popping up on the screen.

"She has officially developed eyelashes and nipples, look how pretty" He almost sang, is all smiling to the screen.

"It looks like she's smiling" Calum laughed out, making me laugh.

"Seventeen more weeks" I mumbled out, seeing Ashton almost bounce

"I've never been this excited to deliver a baby"

"We've gotta finish the nursery" Calum laughed out.

"And you need to quit your job" Ashton spoke.

"I'm not quitting- I'm going on maternity leave-" "no, you're quitting"  Calum confirmed

"I need a job to go back to Cal-" "no you don't, you have a trust fund-" "I've never had a trust fund" I spoke quickly, hearing him hum.

"I made one for you and Macey when I met your mom- we both put money into it, you can live off of it probably the rest of the year, but we'll provide for you because we don't want you working until at least after the first year" he spoke.

"Why did you make a trust fund-" "it was for college, but you got so many scholarships, you didn't need it"

"Macey already spent all of hers in a span of five months" Ashton commented, wiping the goop from my stomach.

I almost groaned- frustrated in my sisters actions

"It's crazy how different you two turned out" Calum mumbled.

"It surely is"

Hours later Calum and I went shopping for the babies room and I did quit my job due to his many demands.

I worked from home majority of the time- it was never hard, I kind of liked it, but i could always get it back when I was ready


We bought a crib, a high chair, a car seat, a changing table and a few baby toys.

All of the guys met at my house- assisting each other in putting together the things.

I decorated- putting together little things that didn't require screws and such.

I stretched out as I finished washing a few dishes, seeing the guys come into the kitchen

"Come look at your nursery"

I followed them, almost crying at the sight

"Aw I love it" I spoke out quietly- looking to the grey and pink walls, the white crib with pink bedding, the white changing table and the little toys in the corner along with a small rocking chair

"Thank you guys, thank you so much"

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