chapter 3

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To summarize how the rest of the day went, it was exhausting.

Not only did you accidentally spill your water all over the table so you had to clean it up all by yourself, you also got your sketchbook wet, basically destroyed, AND Ms. Mendeleeiv caught you sketching and deemed it distracting abd unnecessary so she sent you out of the class. What a heinous beast.

Enough thinking about that. Think about how you're gonna be laying on your dear mattress for the whole evening.

You did.

You immediately fell asleep.


Someone called your name.

You groaned. Why.

They shouted your name again. It was like an alarm, without a stop button. You didn't have any choice.

You slowly opened your eyes and looked around your dark room. The first thing you held was your phone. You opened it, looking at the time. 7:43 PM

You groaned again. You could've slept until tomorrow morning, but the voice interrupted you. You were sure no one actually called you so you went to lay down again, when all of a sudden they called your name again, this time it was a more strict tone, an intimidating one.

You stood more upright. That was the sound of your mother's voice. What could she possibly want?

You went to the living room where you could see her rummaging through paper bags. Your father was in a couch, typing in his own smart phone (probably chatting other women again). (that's gotta be a yikes from me dawg)

"What is it?" You asked as gently as possible. You did not want to get on her bad side, you were not in a mood for another argument.

She brought out a plastic. Inside, was a piece of clothing. Seemed like it was made of denim. It was a dress... made out of denim.

How freaking convenient was that.

With the dress, there was also a denim jacket.

You beamed up at your mom. "Why did you bought me this?"

"Nothing, I just thought these would suit you." She shrugged.

She really proved the saying "mother knows best".

You explained how there would be an acquaintance party happening in the next two weeks, and saying that the theme was denim made her proud for knowing what to buy you.

You just thanked her after that.

■□1 week later■□

Bustier had assigned you to help decorate the courtyard for the party.

Well, shlt.

The last thing you wanted was to be involved in this event, now you were basically cornered with no escape and help other students to decorate.

"Y/N, could you pass me those banners?" A student council said. You almost huffed, but reached for the said strings of silver and blue banners. You looked around the courtyard and saw that it was actually beginning to look great.

They had cardboard cut-outs of the word "DENIM" at the front of the stage. Rose and Juleka were the overall coordinators of the event. Marinette was taking care of catering with her dad on the sugary desserts. Nino will be the DJ of course. Ivan will help in guarding the entrance; giving glow-up sticks to guests.

Alya will be in-charge of the photos. Chloe will add some decorations, denying that she was helping, instead saying that the decor sucks so she just had to add something. Kim, Alix and Max will be in-charge of the games and competitions like Battle of the Bands, ice breakers, etc.

What's Adrien doing?

"Y/N!" They yelled, scaring the crap out of you. You noticed that you were staring at the ground for minutes now. That's kinda awkward

"Um, y-yeah?"

"The next banner, please?" They asked in a more aggravated tone. You scurried down to pick up the string and gave it to them. You muttered an apology. They rolled their eyes in reply.

You looked around if you can see a mop of blonde hair. No luck.

Maybe it's best if you just don't see each
other a bit. After all, his reply to your confession still stung.

A bland chuckle left your mouth. Back when it was normal. Now, everything is awkward.

What am I kidding? I always make anything awkward.

Back in the classroom, your fellow students decided to talk about what to expect in their first acquaintance party. (mostly the boys in your class)

"Who are you gonna be dancing with, Kim?"

The said jock smiled. "As much as possible, I want to dance with every one of the girls in my class."

"Me too," said Ivan. "But, I wanna dance with Mylene first." You stifled an 'aww'.

"What about you, Nathaniel?"

Said boi™️ flushed red as he looked away. "I- uh..."

His silence left everyone thinking. If Nathaniel was feeling this way then he must have a special someone to dance with.

"I think I know who the special girl is!" Max exclaimed with confidence. "It's too obvious! Of course it's-"

Kim cupped Max's mouth with his hand. "Don't embarass Nath any further, Max. We're just going to see it for ourselves."

Max raised an eyebrow but he submit to his offer. Kim chuckled, facing a certain blond. "What about you, Agreste? Got anyone to dance with? We all know Marinette is taken, so..."

Everyone laughed. You rolled your eyes, but you listened intently, trying to be subtle by doodling.

"Well," Adrien said, rubbing the nape of his neck. "I want to dance with everyone too, I guess."

Kim raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? Don't you want to dance with a certain someone in this room?"

With that, your ears seemed to perk up at the mention of a certain someone.

"Ah, well, no." He replied, his face turning red from the pressure.

"Are you sure about that?" Kim was persistent.

Adrien nodded. "I'm sure."

end of chapter three


abrupt ending i know


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