First Night

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But first a warning! Dear readers, from here on things will get a lot hotter and...explicit. It may not be suitable for some of you. Please use your discretion. Thank you.

Before I can even wonder how I could say something like that, Bryce lets out a groan and presses his mouth to mine. His tongue hungrily probes my mouth. A primal urge to be closer to him takes over and I start pulling at his shirt to remove it. I want to see his bare skin, feel it with my hands, my cheeks, my lips.

"Rosa. Rosa. Let's go inside." Bryce says as he cups my hands in his and holds them to his still clothed chest. I'd almost forgotten we were still outside on the boat.

Bryce helps me out of the boat and we head back towards the cottage. We approach the clearing and see that no one is there anymore.

"I guess they went in without us." I say.

When we enter the kitchen we're greeted by the smell of something delicious.

"Well look who finally joined us, Bryce Lewis and Rosa Vasiliou!" Lucy says. "Bryce must have a really big...boat. You were out there a long time!"

"Sorry. Thanks for getting dinner started. Are you finding everything OK?" Bryce asks.

"Don't sweat it. Cliff and I have everything under control. We put our stuff in the bedroom by the front entrance, is that ok?" Lucy states matter-of-factly.

Our? Our? Things certainly are progressing quickly for the four of us!

"Our?" I ask, no longer able to suppress my thoughts.

Clifford and Lucy look at each other and grin as an answer. What is it about cottages that make them such an aphrodisiac?!

"Dinner is ready! Let's eat!" Clifford says.

I want to skip dinner and take Bryce to his bedroom, but my stomach grumbles and I realize I haven't eaten since we left Toronto over 4 hours ago.

"Rosa, I saved you a seat." Cat says as she smiles at me and pats the chair on her right.

"Thanks Cat."

At first I'm too distracted by thoughts of ripping Bryce's clothes off to participate in the conversation at the table, but by my 3rd beer I'm relaxed, laughing and joking along with everyone.

"I'm really glad you came Cat. This is going to be a fun weekend." I say. I'm feeling great and want to share the feeling with all my beautiful friends, new and old.

"Well, since you guys cooked, I'll take care of clean up." Bryce says.

"Thanks Bryce. I am beat! Goodnight everyone!" Lucy says. It's only 9:30. Something tells me Lucy will not be getting much sleep tonight. And neither will I.

"Which bedroom should we take?" Lance asks.

"Take the big one downstairs, it's the one closest to the stairs."


"Goodnight Rosa! See you in the morning." Cat says then gives me a big hug. "Have fun tonight, he's a hot one!" She whispers in my ear before pulling away.

I help Bryce clean up, impatient to get to the bedroom.

"Cat really likes you, eh?"

"Yeah! I really like her too."

"I'm glad things aren't weird for you with Lance and Cat here."

"Things aren't weird. I'm having a great time already, and it's only the first night!"

"I think we're done here. Let me take your bag to our room." I follow Bryce to the master bedroom. It's enormous of course. The closet is the size of my condo downtown. The bedroom has a sitting area and a king size bed. The ensuite has a Jacuzzi tub, his and hers sinks, a shower stall with stone floors and walls and enough room to comfortably fit 4 adults. I make a mental note to remember that for later.

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