Precious Memories~~Chapter 6

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<P>Chapter 6</P>

<P>My mom once told me that dreams were dreamt for reasons. She would tuck me into my bed, kiss my forehead and whispered, "Dream something good, Layla baby, because a dream will always get you somewhere wonderful."</P>

<P>I never believed that dreams would actually come true, not than any of mine were becoming a reality. I recently dreamed of only babies and children. I soon realized that babies and children wouldn't be in my future. I doubted college would be in my future either. I didn't want to be a pessimist but each day it was getting more and more difficult to believe that I had an actual future.</P>

<P>Sitting up in my room alone listening to music on my iPod began to bore me extremely. I wanted to go out and party or at least hang out with friends so I decided to call my best friend, other than Derrick. </P>

<P>Not like he wants to talk anyway because he has been avoiding me like the black plague since last week when he came stumbling into the kitchen. Maybe he didn't remember completely but he definitely remembered enough to know to stay away from me</P>

<P>I looked through my contacts and dialed her number. On the fourth ring, just as I was about to hang up she answered. </P>

<P>"Hello?" </P>

<P>"Hi, Katherine, it's me." I said as if she didn't already know that. "Umm well haven't talked to you in a while..." I let the sentence float in the air expecting her to finish as she always did. When she didn't respond I felt awkward as If I did something wrong and she was upset about it. </P>

<P>I did not know how to respond to her silent ness so I continued to talk, kind of like she did when I refused to speak to her. "Well I was bored and I wanted to talk to you and since Derrick isn't here I figured I could call you."</P>

<P>Katherine knew my relationship with my brother was extremely important to me. He was the person I wanted to go to the most even if it was something he wouldn't want to talk with his little sister about. </P>

<P>"You always choose him, first. No matter what it is you go to him and then he comes to me and I always hear it from you last! Why can't you ever come to me like you do him and confide in me! I'm your best friend and you always go to Derrick!" she yelled and her voice caught in her voice. </P>

<P>This was the first of was hearing of Derrick telling Katherine of my personal things I told him. Before a while ago I didn't even know they were dating let alone sharing my secrets. I began to wonder if she knew about my cancer. I always avoided the questions and she was always poking around seeing if she could get more out of me. </P>

<P>"You are jealous of my relationship with my brother," I stated flatly. "It's not like I'm his ex-girlfriend or something. He's my brother! And what gives any of you the right to share my secrets with each other? I tell you things because I want to! And If I don't want to tell you then I won't, so don't go sticking your nose where it doesn't belong!" I knew I was getting angry and maybe taking this out of proportion but I couldn't believe she had the audacity to come at me like this. </P>

<P>"If you want Derrick so much then have him, okay? This is ridiculous that you are envious of a family member! I'm his sister, it is my job to be close to him!" I paused to a deep breath and continued when I was composed. "I really can't deal with this-" I began to say.</P>

<P>"Why cant you?" she cut me off with a yell. "Let's talk like you wanted to! This is perfect time to catch up! Or are you too scared to talk to a girl! You hang out with the boys and you play football! No one likes you Layla! And the only reason the guys like you is because you're always in a skirt and if they weren't nice to you then Derrick would beat them up!" </P>

<P>I listened to the words she was saying but I didn't want to hear them. I knew some of it was true but to have her throw it in my face intending to hurt me made it so much worse.</P>

<P>"Derrick does not do that!" I said with disbelief. </P>

<P>"How would you know? He tells me everything! I'm his girlfriend! We have been going on dates for almost six months before we actually were going out. He didn't tell you that either right? So why would he tell you something he did for you to you?</P>

<P>"Sometimes I think your just as stupid as everyone thinks you are!"</P>

<P>I was still sitting with my jaw hanging open and my eyes filled with tears. I no longer wanted to talk to her-or anyone for that matter. I slid my cell phone from my ear and closed it shut. </P>

<P>I was usually the person who fought back regardless of the pain and anger I was feeling but this was in a different situation. It was so much worse.</P>

<P>"Layla!" I heard my father yell from downstairs. "Come downstairs please!"</P>

<P>"Ok daddy. Let me get dressed." I called down. It was still before noon so I was in my sleep wear; they were probably calling me down for breakfast when my phone rang.</P>

<P>I looked at the called id and it was an unknown number. </P>


<P>"Hi," said a male voice. "It's Kaedon..."</P>

<P>I remembered who he was it was just the surprise that he always seemed to show up at the worse times possible. </P>

<P>"Uh, hi! I fortunately remember you." I tried to put a smile into my voice failing horribly.</P>

<P>"Er, are you ok? Did I call at a bad time? I can call back..."</P>

<P>"No, no it's just that I had a little fight with my, umm, ex-best friend."</P>

<P>"Oh" he said as if it answered all his questions. "That must have been bad for you. Why did you stop being friends?"</P>

<P>"Because of a fight we had."</P>


<P>"Right before you called."</P>

<P>"It was that bad?" he asked.</P>


<P>There was a short pause of silence when he finally spoke again. " well maybe I could pick you up and to make you feel better?"</P>


<P>"Ok then I'll be there in an hour." He said satisfied and hung up the phone.</P>

<P>I was starting to get really tired of people hanging up on me.</P></P>


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