Two Months

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Two weeks had gone. Haven is home. She ended up going home that night. It's been hard for Bellamy. Haven just wants her mom, she crys all night. Abbey and Bellamy have been trying to confort Haven. She's only ever had her mother the past 2 years. She loves her father and grandma but she just wants her mom.

Bellamy: "Haven please. You need to eat.." he pleads.

Haven: "I want mommy!" She cries.

Bellamy: "Mommy can't be here right now. She's fighting to come home to you." He trys to explain.

Haven starts crying. Bellamy wraps his arms around her. She calms down a little and Bellamy gets an idea.

Bellamy: "Stay here. I'll be right back." He says then runs upstairs.

Bellamy comes back with a shirt. Clarkes shirt.

Haven: "Thats mommys shirt." She says sitting at the table. Her food still untouched.

Bellamy: "Yes. But today it's your dress. So you can feel like she's with you." He says.

Bellamy gets haven dressed and ready for daycare. He still had to work. She finally eats some breakfast. Having her mothers shirt on helped.

Bellamy drops Haven off at daycare then walks to work. He has now had to put his night classes on hold while Clarke is in the hospital. He only works at the coffee shop now, he quite his second job once him and Clarke got back together.

Lexa: "Hey Bellamy. Phone call." She says holding the work phone.

Bellamy: "Who is it?" He asks walking over taking the phone, lexa mouths *Don't know*

Bellamy- Hello?

Abbey- Bellamy! She's awake.

Bellamy- What!? I'll be right there!

He hangs up the phone.

Bellamy: "Can you cover? Clarke just got out of her coma!" He says

Lexa: "Yeah, yeah. Go." She says smiling as he runs out the door.

Bellamy decides to just go to the hospital. He will have Octavia get Haven, and bring her. Since the hospital was a few blocks away from his job, and the daycare was about 19 minutes away.

He gets to the front desk, they let him pass, he runs up to the room, the one he has been to everyday. He hasn't let Haven go, he didn't think it would be good for her to see her mother like that.

He opens the door and walks in, he must have been quiet, the blonde girl before him hadn't turned her head, she was watching tv.

Bellamy: "Hello beautiful." He says smiling.

Clarke turns and smiles seeing him. Bellamy rushes over to her hugging her gently.

Bellamy: "I've missed you." He says kissing her.

Clarke wraps her hands around his neck pulling him closer. They break apart after a little.

Clarke: "I love you." She says.

Bellamy: "I love you too. Octavia is on her way with Haven." He says.

Clarke: "Oh my god.. Haven.. is she okay!?" Clarke starts sobbing.

Bellamy gently grabs her hands calming her down.

Bellamy: "She's fine. She's fine. She was just shaken up and scared. She wasn't harmed at all." He says brushing her hair out of her face.

Abbey walks through the door.

Abbey: "Hi honey. We did some bloodwork tests while you were out. To make sure everything was okay, and going good." She says looking at her clipboard.

Clarke: "Okay. What is it then? We normally don't tell the patient stuff like that unless theres something serious." She says worried.

Abbey: "Your blood came back fine, you passed all your tests." She says smiling handing her the clipboard.

Clarke looks at it for a moment and starts crying. Bellamy tried to look but he doesnt understand all the medical terms.

Bellamy: "What? What is it?" He says frantically looking at Abbey.

Abbey just smiles. Her eyes were tearing up. Clarke reaches her hand up and cups the side of his face. Bellamy looks to Clarke as she does this. She points her finger to a certain part of the paper.

Clarke: "I'm pregnant." She smiles, crying tears of joy.

Bellamy: "Oh my god." He says tearing up too now. "We're gonna have another kid." He says kissing her.

Just then Octavia and Haven walk in.

Haven: "Mommy!" She says running over.

Bellamy picks her up and puts her on the bed so she can be near her mom.

Octavia: "What's wrong? Why's everyone crying?" She asks seeing tears in Abbeys, Clarkes, and Bellamys eyes.

Haven: "Mommy?" Haven asks wiping a tear away.

Clarke: "They're happy tears." She smiles looking to bellamy, nodding her head.

Bellamy: "We're pregnant!" He says smiling, seeming beyond excited.

Clarke: "You're gonna be a big sister." She says to Haven.

Octavia just stands there. Not moving. She seems very shocked. She knew they were back together?

Bellamy: "Octavia?" He questions. Now everyone looks at her.

Octavia: "I think my water just broke.." she says

Abbey: "Oh. Okay. Come with me. We will get you to Maternity, and get it checked out." She says taking her hand and walking her out.

Clarke: "Your sister's in labor!" She says smiling. "Call Lincoln!" She says.

Bellamy grabs his phone and calls Lincoln. So now he's on his way. About an hour away.

Bellamy: "My little sister is about to have a baby.." He says "We're having another baby." He says before hugging both Haven and Clarke.

They wait Abbey comes back in about an hour later.

Abbey: "She is in labor. She's 5cm dilated. Lincoln just got here. She's doing great." She says they all smile. "Now a ultrasound tech is on her way to do an ultrasound and find out how far along you are." She says smiling.

The tech comes in and Clarke lifts her shirt they put the cream on her stomach and then she looks for the baby. She finds the baby.. Clarke looks over to bellamy with tears in her eyes. She sees tears in his eyes as he lookes at the little blob that was there baby.

 She sees tears in his eyes as he lookes at the little blob that was there baby

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They say Clarkes about 2 months pregnant. She wonders how she hadn't noticed she missed her period.. her life had become very busy..

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