Wicked Witches

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A/N:Guys I'm so sorry but I can't write Wicked Witch's but I can only write the challenge sorry 👨🏾‍💻🥺😭

"Who's all cursed"Nikita asks "I am"I say "Me too"Manny says "I'm cursed"Joey says "I'm cursed also"Matt's says "I'm cursed too"Ro says "I'm not cursed"Nikita says and then we walk to the challenge and Nikita stays at Fat Mans Slims the first thing we had to do is drink all these random mugs "Oh my fucking god this is nasty"I say gaging and then Matt and Joey finish all the challenges now it's me,Manny,and Ro manny finishes the mugs and I go right after him and I thought Ro would be behind us but when I finished all the challenges I look back and see ro still on the first challenge and she's gaging and throwing up "Ro"Matt says as the witches grab Ro "There's nothing we can do"a witch says "Be brave ro"I say as "be strong Ro"Joey says "You can do this"Manny says "I love you guys"Ro says as the witches place Ro onto a platform surrounded by candles and then I hear Ro scream as we walk back to fat mans slims "AHHHHHHHHHH"Ro screams and then we walk into fat mans slims and we have frowns on our faces "Guys Where's Ro"Nikita asks "the witches killed her"Manny says sadly

A/N:I don't really have a alternate ending because idk really how to write it 😝 😂

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