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So Ro plays the harp and then we hear a knock on the arcade door we walk outside and there was a briefcase and we open it and there was a bunch of drawing "I know who that belonged to"Mortimer says as we all walk back to sit down "How do you know"Sifaya asks "It belonged to some deadbeat insurance guy"Mortimer says and I make a mouth pop noise and then we here a woosh and Matt appears "MATT"We all  yell as we try and help him sit down "What happend"Matt asks and we tell him how Colleen died and how that he died and then we find out about a funhouse and we go to the funhouse "Time to get lit bitches"I joke and they laugh and then when we walk into the funhouse and there's a cat and then a guy appears "Ahhh"we scream "Here's the rules of Willy's funhouse (Happy) I will flip the room around and you have to rearrange the room (Angry)If a red light comes on I will come into this room (Sad)and if your not hidden (Angry)I will catch you and take you away (Sad)please hurry (REALLY ANGRY)Hury Now!"Willy says and then walks away "2 faced much"I say and then we do what Willy the ugly butch says and then Me,Joey,Ro,Nikita,and Manny get captured and I get put into the cell/gate last and when he closes the door and walks away I say "FUCK YOU BITCH"I yell as Willy walks away "How are we gonna get out"Joey asks "We could climb"Manny says "manny you really think my non athletic ass can get can climb this"I say and they laugh "But seriously how do we get out"Ro asks "Maybe I could pick the lock with my nails"Nikita says and then Willy comes back "Your friends picked you two to be in the challenge"Willy says pointing at Manny and Nikita

NathanCF:So Manny and Nikita get voted into the challenge depending there 2 best friends

(ANGRY)you three out!"Willy says as me,Joey,and Ro walk back to the arcade and sit back down with Matt,and Sifaya "So Who voted Nikita"Joey asks and Sifaya raises her hand "And you voted Manny"I ask Matt and he nods and then all of a fucking sudden Willy comes in with a fishhook "(Angry breathing)"Willy does "What we weren't in the challenge"Joey yells but Willy doesn't care "Ahhh"Ro screams "What's going on Where's Manny and Nikita"Sifaya says and then I realize Willy is only attracted to Sifaya "What's going on"Matt says and Sifaya try's avoiding Willy But Willy took his fishhook and put it in her gut and her face expressed just killed me and then Sifaya falls "Happy)Thanks for coming to the funhouse"Willy says as he walks out the arcade "Everyone okay"Calliope asks "What the hell"I say and then Nikita and Manny walk in with the artifact " they said that who ever voted the winner they were gonna die"Manny says "and I won"Nikita says "Don't gotta say it with such and Attitude"Matt says like he's about to cry "Well I'm just saying"Nikita says and manny shrugs "SIFAYA DIED"Matt says "Listen"Nikita says pointing her nail in Matt's face "SHE VOTED ME TO DIE AND SHE GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED"Nikita yells "Daym"I mumble and Matt just covers his mouth and starts pacing and Nikita and Manny place the Artifact on the shelf and they sit down

NathanCF:I understand Matt's sad and I know Nikita is also but she was fighting for her life

And then we just sit there in silence

If Nathan Died
(So I got captured and then Manny and Nikita got voted and then Willy tries to kill Sifaya but I jump in front of Sifaya I gasp "Nate"Joey says as Willy takes his his fishhook out of my stomach and I fall and everyone crowds around me "Nate"Ro says "Oh my god"I hear Nikita say "I l-love you guys"I say as I die)

Joey:he jumped in front of Sifaya
Matt:he saved Sifaya
Manny:he sacrificed himself
Nikita:why is he dead he was captured with us
Safaya:he saved my life
Rossana:I wanna go home! So many people have died

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