Strong Like A Demon

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"Maybe it's one of us"Colleen says and it's quiet "Umm I gotta go to the bathroom"Joey says as he leaves and time passes

NathanCF:where's Joey where is he sis

"I don't really trust Joey"Colleen says "And all these bathroom breaks like gurl"I joke "Guys let's go find him"Manny says and we run out the arcade and start looking around and then we see Joey looking at a creepy church and it was foggy

NathanCF:What the hell is Joey doing I'm confused

"Joey"We call his name and he ignores us and we walk up to him and he turns towards us and he tells us more about what he was doing and on the way walking back to the arcade and a lady comes out of no where "Prove your strength to open the box"The lady says I'm a photographer I have to hold a camera so I'm kinda strong

Nikita v Me=Me
Colleen v Ro=Ro
Joey v Me=Joey
Sifaya v Ro=Sifaya
Manny v Joey=Manny
MatPat v Me= MatPat
Ro v Me=Me
Manny v Me=Manny
Sifaya v Nikita=Nikita
Manny v MatPat=Manny

"Open the box winner"The lady says towards Manny and manny opens the box and Joey gasps "That's a Artifact"Joey says "Wait that means"I say "We unleashed the strong man"Sifaya says and then we see the strong man walking towards us "Ahhhh"We scream and run into the arcade "Where Sifaya  and MatPat"I say and then we have to have the  half of the group find Sifaya and MatPat and the other half has to get the other thing

Time Skip•
So we find out we have to do another challenge but we get to watch and I vote Manny because he's the strongest person here "First going into the challenge is the....Detective"Calliope says and Matt sighs "Second going into the challenge with the Detective is the.....Record Producer"Calliope says and I look at manny "Everyone Follow me to the challenge"Calliope says and we get up and walk outside and wait because Matt and Manny had to change into gym clothes and they do the first challenge "Woooo Manny"I yell and then Matt has 4 points and Manny has 3 points and then they have to hold up full buckets of water in the air and the lady starts banging on Manny bucket and Nikita starts ranting about how the lady's shoes are ugly even know they have the same shoes "Your shoes are ugly even know we have the same shoes I look better in them"Nikita yells "How you gonna hate from outside the club when you can't even get in"I taunt towards the strong man and the lady and then matpat gives up and manny wins "Time for a tie breaker"The strong man says and then they have to do an arm wrestle and Matt is trying his best to win but Manny wins "Ready to die"The strong man says as he runs up to Matt and squeezes his neck with his big ass arm "Get the artifact"Matt says chocking and manny runs around them and gets the artifact and cleanses it and we walk in I was the last to walk in and I saw Matt die the strong man pushed Matt on the ground and smashed his face with the big hand and I hear Matt scream as I walk in "AHHHH"Matt screams and we hug manny "Strongest person here full face of makeup"Manny says as he sits down sassily and I make a mouth pop noise

If Nathan Died
(Nathan turns out being the second strongest person there and then they vote again and Nathan and Manny get voted and then they have to arm wrestle "Manny"I say "Yeah"Manny says "Keep living"I say as I stop trying and manny beats me and I don't even run "get the artifact"I say as the strong man pushes me onto the ground and bashed my face in "AHHHHHHHH"I scream as I die)

Joey:I don't even know what to do at this point
Colleen:I no longer trust Joey he has something he's not telling us
Nikita:He stoped trying
Manny:he seriously said that he was giving up
MatPat:this is crazy
Ro:can I please leave
Sifaya:What is going on!

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