The Man With No Name

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So we all sit down and we hug Nikita and Rossana dries here tears and Manny whispers something in Nikitas ear and then Nikita looks at Ro and then looks away and then we hear a thud "What was that"Sifaya says "I don't know"Teala says as we walk out side to see a dead body with a note beside it and I picked it up and there was a picture also "Later Bitch"I wave as we walk back into to the arcade and I hand the picture to Matt "The picture your looking at is the man with no name he haunts the town because people thought he was a freak"I read "I don't blame em"I joke and they laugh "You need to find a statue if you don't have permission to touch it from the No named man the statue will kill you when you touch the statue you need gloves " I finish and then we hear loud footsteps we all look out the window to see the man with no name "We need some people to distract him while we go to fat mans slim"Calliope says "I will"Manny,Nikita,and me all say and we run out while the others wait for us to start distracting "Hey over here"Manny says "Hey sir"Nikita says luring him away from fat man slims and then the others run over to fat mans slims the man with no name kinda starts running at us and we kinda back away "Come get daddy"Manny says "Do you have a cute sister"I yell "Hey over here"Nikita says as the man with no name comes closer "Oh my god"Nikita says as the others leave fat mans slims and run back to the arcade and we run around the man with no name and go back into the arcade and sit down and everyone has frowns "What's going on"Nikita asks "It's another death challenge"Sifaya says "What?!"Me and Manny both say "Maybe before vote maybe we can talk to each other about who we're gonna vote for"I say "Like and alliance"Matt says

NathanCF;I'm pissed we have to do another death challenge

I get with Colleen,Matt,and Ro "So Who should we vote for"Colleen whispers "I'm kinda wanna vote Teala"I say "but Nikita might vote Ro"Matt says "Yeah"Ro says I sigh and then we vote I vote Teala and Calliope shuffles the cards and picks "First going into the challenge is the......Super Spy"Calliope says and I feel a little guilt and Teala's face changes to confusion "Second person going into the challenge with the Super Spy is the.......Jet-Setter and then they leave and we don't talk the whole time there gone and then we hear footsteps and Ro walks in "Yess"Everyone yells "Rossana got her groove back"Matt says "I'm a fighter and ima stick it out to the end"Ro says and she places the artifact on the shelf "Get over here"Manny says as everyone hugs Ro but that also means Tealas dead and we also found out Someone  not telling the truth

If  Nathan Died
(Nathan got voted with Ro but Nathan has the last letter but he handed it to Ro "Win it for me"I say and ro looks confused as I take the letter away from her and placed it on her side and Ro started to cry "Your names Benjamin"Ro says tearing up and then Benjamin aka man with no name comes up to me and chokes me to death and blows poison gas in my face "Ahhhhhhhh"I scream as I fall to the ground I died)

Joey:did he want to die
Rossana:why would he give me the last letter when he fount it
Nikita:this doesn't make sense
Matt:he wanted Ro to live
Teala:this is confusing
Manny:that's kinda weird how he just gave Ro the last letter
Colleen:Joey is working with the evil
Sifaya:Nathan shouldn't be dead no one should be dead

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