Chapter 1: The History Maker

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My name is Hayato Katakura, I am turning seventeen this year and will be graduating from high school. I'm advanced in years when it comes to education, my parents enrolled me at the age of five to grade one. They believe that I'm special, well actually, the whole Chiba prefecture sees me as the golden boy that carries their pride.

You may I ask, what's so special about me as a sixteen year old kid?

See, I'm one of the 0.0001 of the population that has this so called ability or power that made us stronger and smarter, I also have a rare ability that no other pro hero has; a gift that our prefecture never had for more than twenty years.

My parents told me that after the doctors declared that I have the gift, the whole town went crazy, it was the first time in almost thirty years since the last special baby was born in Chiba. The last person who had a hero potential was Prawn Guru, he only had a short two years career as a hero, he then retired and became a captain of a ship that catches prawn.

I mean, no disrespect to the guy but what can a man that calls prawns to help him in fights really do against any villain, feed them unlimited prawn to death?

Unlike Prawn Guru, I have this ability to hide in the shadow which is rare even to the 0.0001 of the special population. A few years ago there had been a debate on what should my hero name be once I start working as a pro hero, I was so nervous that they'd call me Shadow Man or Shadow Guru; they named the other guy Prawn Guru so just imagine the chances of them calling me Shadow Man; that nickname is too generic that it makes me cringe.

Thank God that they decided to call me Shadow Ninja instead. They said that it is because of my ability to vanish anytime and emerge whenever I want, at least that's what they know. In reality, I can only hide in the shadows for as long as I can hold my breath. There are things that you have to hide to the people, it says from the book that I read that in order to become a successful hero, you should never reveal your cards to your enemies because it will be used against you.

Through the years I had multiple interviews, meet and greet, and scholarship interviews, so when it comes to social events; I'm pretty much used to it. But today is different though, I'm graduating from high school and I will have a live interview with the local television network to declare which university will I attend to. I have multiple offers from big universities that provides crime fighting courses, University of Tokyo is the best choice; they have an average of four drafted heroes a year compared to other universities that only produce around a single drafted hero a year, some universities doesn't produce even a single hero, so choosing where to go after high school is the very important if you want to have a successful career.

To explain further, once you entered college; you can immediately declare for the heroes draft just after finishing a single year. There are only twenty big shot companies that draft heroes and then they sign their drafted hero to a yearly contract; they will do a lottery system to know who will draft first. If an aspiring hero doesn't get drafted, they have an option to pursue other work or sign with smaller companies that pays small amount of money for their service.

On average, only forty heroes are being drafted each year and there are about a hundred or so who are available to be drafted. Sadly, only a few of the forty who got drafted will remain in the heroes roster, anyone can be removed for even a small issue, like what happened to a young hero last year; a hero named Sylum got drafted. Him and his friends celebrated an occasion and he got so drunk that he accidentally bumped an old man, the man fractured his left hand and because of that incident, Sylum was removed from the company that drafted him. He only lasted two months as a hero and we never heard anything about him again.

The people who did not get drafted as a professional hero usually signs up for military service, joins the police academy or they continue their studies and just forget being a hero. There's a lot of factors why they may not get drafted, there's a scoring system that provide insights on what can a hero do. The highest score is ten while the score of one or two is considered as ordinary human level, the scouts then scores the strength, ability, charisma, speed, intelligence and growth capability of an aspiring hero.

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