Chapter 1: The History Maker

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There is only a single hero who hold the score of ten for strength, it was Panzer who's so strong that scouts says he could stop a tank from moving with his bare hands. There's no way I'm reaching ten when it comes to strength but my ability is good enough to make me a top ten prospect that can be drafted, at least that's what the local analysts says.

There's really no competition for me here in Chiba, I'm a member of the heroes varsity and from grade six to twelve we dominated all the competition. I also won the Chiba athlete of the year and took home the MVP award for six straight years, so when it comes to resume, I think I have the greatest accomplishments for a sixteen year old kid. But just to be clear, I'm the only one who's special among all that were competing here in Chiba district. The Hero varsity is open for anyone who's aspiring to become a hero (from professional heroes, police officers, army men and even aspiring lawyers).

After thirty minutes of traveling from home, we finally arrived at Chiba stadium where the interview will take place. There's a lot of people lining up and it feels great to see them wearing shirts that says "Hero Hayato" and "Chiba's Pride", these people has been rooting for me for years. Today, they are lining up just to know where I'm signing up for college.

My hands are sweating and I couldn't think properly, I think I'm getting nervous and my mom noticed it, she grabbed a warm tea then asked me to take a few sip.

"Are you okay, are you ready for this?" asked mom while handing a warm cup of tea.

"I was born for this, you don't have to worry" I answered with a forced smile. I don't want them to see that their little ball of pride is getting nervous, I then took a sip of the warm aromatic tea.

Oddly, tea has been my go to remedy whenever I am feeling down, nervous or even angry. It has been my mom's specialty, she buys leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to East Asia, and create a tea out of it.

"Hayato, the interview will start in five minutes. Please stand by" said one of the staff.

I nodded at the staff then looked at myself in the mirror, I'll do the usual thing; I'll look at the camera, smile a bit then look straight to the interviewer. The camera is usually placed right in front of the crowd and it makes me feel nauseous when ever I see the crowd that's why I try to look at the interviewer almost immediately. Like actors we have to act as if we are confident and in control of the situation.

"Ladies and gentlemen, our very own superhero; Hayato!" shouted by the host and the people erupted.

I did what I'm used to doing and started the interview with the host.

"Hayato, when was the last time that you were interviewed by me?" asked Joji, the host of the show.

"It was just last year, you interview me every year. I think you are obsessed with me" I answered jokingly.

Joji is a very nice guy, I had interviews with him since I was five years old and he never miss an important celebration. He was like an uncle to me.

"I would be if I'm a lady or maybe I am, deep inside" answered Joji while winking at the crowd, the crowd laughed.

"Okay, let's get into business. Hayato, we are all excited about your growth and you have been our hope to finally have our very own hero that is born and raised in Chiba. How do you feel about it?" asked Joji.

"I'm flattered to hear that even though you have been telling me the same thing for the past ten years or so" the crowd laughed again.

"But I know that those hope and excitement comes with a big responsibility, I have been training for years and I did my best to become the man I am today" I continued.

The crowd became silent, the situation became very serious.

"And with all things said and done, we the people are waiting for your answer. To which university will you commit with?" asked Joji.

I smiled at the interviewer and looked at the crowd, I need to build the more excitement.

"Where do you think?" I asked the crowd with a smile.

There were murmurs and people looked at each other while discussing where they think I will commit with.

"Where do you think will I commit?" I pointed at a lady who's sitting in the middle.

The lady pointed at herself then look at her right then to her left. I nodded to let her know that she was the one that I'm referring to.

The lady stood up reluctantly and one of the staff gave her a microphone.

"Ahm, I think.. You will sign with Kyoto university because they have natural resources that could help you with your training" said the young lady.

She was not wrong, Kyoto has a beautiful forest and is close to the mountains; Panzer graduated in Kyoto and from one of his interviews he mentioned that his strength was developed in mount Kurama where monks helped him become stronger.

The crowd booed her answer, Kyoto was too far from Chiba and that means that I will have little chance to visit Chiba and almost no chance to attend different events here.

"That's a good answer, anybody else. Let's get one more answer!" I then started to look for any volunteer.

A young boy was raising his hand, he was around ten to twelve years old. I immediately pointed at him, he then stood up with enthusiasm.

"I think you'll pick University of Tokyo, they produce a lot of heroes and you can go back to Chiba whenever you want" said the young kid with a smile.

The crowd applauded, it was the favored answer all year long.

"Wow, you really know your stuff kid!" I answered.

"So where will you be joining?" asked Joji who interrupted me out of excitement.

I once again smiled to the crowd then looked Joji in the eyes.

"I'm going professional. I'll enter the heroes draft this year!"

There was a long silence, people started to murmur. I looked at Joji and his mouth was wide open, he did not anticipated my answer. Never in the history was there a high school kid who declared to enter the draft, it's either you get in to college to prove you are better than the other college prospects in a year or two then get drafted or finish your course then apply for the draft.

My route is different though, In my mind, to make history; I will have to create a path that no one ever took and from there, my legacy starts.

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