Chapter Forty One

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Annabelles PoV

Where was I?

The last thing I remembered was getting stabbed in the hand by that witch and the next thing I know I wake up here.

I was in a field surrounded by more fields with wild flowers blooming everywhere and a river running somewhere in the distance. I don't remember seeing this in Matthews territory, but to be honest I didn't have a chance to see to much of it so as far as I know I could still be there.

"Hello my child" a voice suddenly said behind me and I jumped before turning around in shock to see a woman standing behind me. I couldn't quite tell what she looked like as her face kept shifting every so slightly but I knew that she was beautiful.

She had a white maxi dress on, similar to the one I was forced to wear for the ceremony and she had a slight glow about her that just made everyone around her relax. I knew exactly who she was without her having to tell me. Only a goddess could look like that.

"How am I... where am I... how did you..." I couldn't even finish the first question before the next one came tumbling out of my mouth.

The moon goddess chuckled slightly, obviously amused by me fumbling my words in front of her.

"Relax, one question at a time" she softly spoke to me as she leant down and made herself comfortable on the ground, amongst the wild flowers.

"Where am I?" I whispered, darting my head from left to right, making sure Alpha Matthew wouldn't crop up somewhere.

"We are in your head my child, you have a direct link to me after all".

I frowned as I started fiddling with the grass before me. How do you ask a goddess why she chose you to be her messenger? I mean I was no one special right?

"I chose your family line because I could see what type of people you would all become. Your mother, grandmother and even great grandmother were all extremely kind hearted people who would not take the power bestowed upon them for granted. They were also very strong, just like you, that kind of combination is extremely rare in a wolf. One that should be cared for".

I must've looked slightly bewildered as to how she knew what was going on in my head because she immediately chuckled again, making little smile lines form around her ever changing eyes. "We are in your head my dear, of course I can hear what your thinking".

The thought that someone could read my mind slightly unnerved me but I brushed it aside, now was not the time to think about my privacy.

"Am I dead?" I whispered, fearing the worst. What if I was? I would never get to hug my parents, never get to see Jax again, or even have our first kiss.

"No you are not dead my child, I have put you to sleep whilst we have our little chat. Don't worry your mate is protecting your body for now, but we mustn't take to long, the witch is strong".

My heart rate quickened at the thought of Jax being in trouble and I instantly tensed up. There was no way I was allowing Jax to get hurt because of me. "So what did you want to talk to me about?"

"The ceremony that that witch performed on you".

My heart rate increased, if that was even possible. Was the mate bond gone? Was I now destined to be Matthews mate for the rest of my life?

"W-What about it?" I stuttered, struggling to get the question out for fear of the answer I would get.

As if sensing my nerves the moon goddess smiled at me, a kind smile, before her glow instantly increased making me feel more relaxed.

"Did you want me to break it?" She asked but just as I was about to scream yes at her she held her hand up to silence me. "Please be clear with all the options I am offering you my child. Yes I can break your bond with Matthew if you would like and fix your mate bond with Jax, or I could simply sever both mate bonds for you."

I looked at her in shock, why would I want her to not mend my bond with Jax? He was the most amazing person ever and he deserved to be happy with his mate, the person he's been waiting his whole life for.

"I will happily form a mate bond for Jax with someone else if you wish to remain mateless" the moon goddess spoke up but then remained silent again.

I was just about to tell her to fix my mate bond with Jax, not being able to stand the thought of him happy with someone else, when my brain finally clicked. Now I understood what. she was asking. I would never be left alone, if word got out that I had a line to the moon goddess, that I was her messenger, people would never leave us alone. There would always be a Matthew or a Parker waiting in the wings to ruin everything.

Could I put Jax though all of that? The pain of loosing your mate and having them kidnapped over and over again? And what about his family and pack? Wouldn't they get fed up of rescuing me? I already nearly cost them their Beta after all.

Then my parents flashed through my mind, that could very well be us in the future. Could I live with myself if I knew that I was the reason for Jax's pain for all those years in capture?

All these thoughts came flooding through my mind but then one face popped out amongst the chaos, a face that instantly made my choice for me.

"Okay" I whispered as I looked the moon goddess in the eye "I have decided".

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