Alone together

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This is about a week or two after the amusement park. Also very detailed lemon in this chapter.

When you and Narancia woke up you left your room to go wait for the others but the on the fridge you saw a note from Bucciarati. It read

dear (Y/N) and Narancia if you are reading this then me Giorno, Mista, Abbacchio, and fugo are all on a trip together we cant tell you what it is yet but its nothing -from Bucciarati

Well it looked like you two had the house yo yourselves. You quickly looked at each other and smiled, and Narancia said "so we have the house to are self's. What to do what t-" you cut him off by kissing him he was surprised but he got into it after a little bit. You two kissed for a while then you felt something in your mouth it was Narancias tongue! You backed away "what was that?" You asked "well, my tongue, I just thought that normal kissing would get boring for you"
"No no no no Narancia! It could never get boring worh you! It's just give my a warrning next time okay?" He shook his head yes and you two went back into it.

After a while of kissing Narancia pulled back and asked in a seductive manner "ca-can I use tongue now?" You nod your head and went back to kissing he slowly slipped his tongue into your mouth and you did the same your to tongues met and they wrestled together while the kissing got more intense. Narancia put his arms around your neck and you did the same, you both started to move closer together and then you started to move your hands around Narancias back and he put his on your chest. The next time you two pulled away you went to the couch, Narancia sat on your lap and had his legs wrapped around your waste and you began to kiss again, Narancias tongue in your mouth felt so good and him on your lap made you a little aroused up picked him up in the bridle position and walked to your room.

You put him down on the bed and took off his shirt and pants. You did the same you where now just both in your underwear and you begun to kiss again he pulled you close and said "please fuck me~" you took off your underwear and so did he. He got up and started to suck your cock he started to use his tongue more and this made it feel like the best thing ever after a while you where about to cum but he didn't stop "N-n-Narancia I'm gonna cum! Stop or I'm gonna cum in your mouth!" But he didn't stop when you came he deepthroat you can he ate all your cum. When he opened his eyes it was almost had hearts in them he got ontop of you and said "now the really fun part~"

he slowly put in your entire cock in him and made sounds of pleasure. "If we keep doing this my ass is gonna be the shape of your cock!" He said you put your hands on his waste and pulled him up and down he loved this just as much as you do. His tight ass made you wanna cum at any moment even though you just did it made you crazy. With one hand you begin to pinch his nipples and this made him go crazy this made him feel like how you felt with his ass. After a while you both came together and he feel ontop of you because of how good it felt and you both passed out.

An hour later you woke up and did the same things again but this time you picked up Narancia and fucked him all around the house. You fucked him on the table in the living room, on the counter in the kitchen, etc you where in the middle of the house when you came again and it felt just as good as last time!

And another hour later you woke up (you went back to the room after the second time) and you two looked at each other and stared it again but this time right after you came Bucciarati came in and said "hey guys ho-" he saw what you where doing and left. You where both so embarrassed, and let's just say diner that night was awkward.


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