Green 2 : Your voice

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<P>Your eyes calling me</P>

<P>- all mountains through,</P>

<P>- all sea through,</P>

<P> </P>

<P>Your hands waving to me</P>

<P>- all forests through</P>

<P>- all roads through</P>

<P> </P>

<P>Your lips smiling to me</P>

<P>- all fires through</P>

<P>- all rivers through</P>

<P> </P>

<P>Your eyes staring at me</P>

<P>- all nights through</P>

<P>- all galaxies through</P>

<P> </P>

<P>Your voice touching me</P>

<P>- all suns through</P>

<P>- all moons through</P>

<P>- all times through</P>


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