Peaceful Gathering

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The smell of black tea lingering around my nose. Peony flowers in different colors everywhere. Greetings here and there. No bickerings and especially, no capture targets.

Ah~ it's so relaxing.

Smiling to myself, I took a sip of my black tea that was flavored with milk. Feeling my mood in jovial sid-

"Ohya? Ari-sama is also here."

Ara~? Perhaps I am over relax that I heard the Daichi-sama's voice? That's right, after all, there's no Pivoine members usually here at this time. It's weekend after all.

And I'm only here to escape from my mother's grasp. She's planning on taking me to a shopping, wearing HEELS. Can you believe that?

Shopping for one day wearing heels? Where did her stamina came from?

"Ah! It really is Ari-sama."

No, wait, now I heard Keita-sama's voice. Perhaps I'm not hallucinating?

Smiling, I turn stiffly at them. Oh gosh~! It really is them.

Why is it that they have to be a target? How can onee-sama pamper you? Why can't they just be a normal person with looks?

Oh right! They'll be ordinary if they're just side characters -_-.

I feel horrible. I keep calling them 'capture targets' or 'target' or 'side characters'. This is my reality now, I shouldn't thought like this, I'm also a person.

Why don't I forget about the story? It'll lead me to a destruction. It's not like I can't handle it, it's just my parents will suffer and I have many people expecting from me. I shouldn't disappoint them.

Ha~ such a heavy burden.


Oh right! this two are still her—not! Why are all of them here now?!

I feel my smile twitch, bringing me back from my stupor.


"Ara~ara~ that was rude of me." Getting my drink down and getting up, I slightly bowed. "Gokigenyoh, everyone."




Err, why do I feel that someone's gaze is different? I just don't know who.


"Please have a sit." I offer them.

Currently, I am sitting in the middle table that is long so all of us can sit freely. No one sat besides me here anyway.

More importantly, why is it that most of Petite Pivoine members here? Even our little kouhais.

"What might you be doing here, Ari-sama?" Ren-sama ask as he took the tea to take a sip.

"Yeah, usually, you don't come here." Karino-sama added.

Their quite awkward. I can't just say 'Im here to escape from my mother's grasp right?'. It'll make them think mother is bad.

"Well, It's just so quiet at home so I decided to come here. Do you usually come here, Karino-sama, everyone?"

Sora-sama shook his head while Haruto-sama just sat there watching us coldly. Of course, they know I'm escaping from my mother, we went to vacation sometimes and they also know I always found an excuse to escape from the ladies' hands, if they ever want to go shopping.

"No, we don't usually come here. But I know how you feel. You're feeling suffocated in your own house I see." Daichi-sama nodded.

"Me either. That's why, I always invited someone with me to play somewhere." Keita agreed, grinning with mischief.

I smile genuinely. They're so cute and mature. We're just 12 yet they already talk like this.

"Hey, the way you say 'someone' was as if we're not friends." Karino-sama with a darkened face reputed.

"You saying 'somewhere' is quite misleading." Sora-sama agreed, with a raise brow.

Keita-sama let out an awkward 'ha-ha' while scratching the back of his head. Looking at them, I temporarily forgot their roles.

I heard the other two boys laugh at them while Haruto-sama? Well, the usual. Sipping his tea with an aura of a king and a stone face.

Such a blockwood child. Ha~.


"Ara~ara~ how cute." Covering my lips with my fingers, I giggled.

They stopped and looked at me then blushed red. Ara~ara~ they're really cute. Ufufu.

'If this day comes again, let's celebrate it the same. A peaceful gathering.' is what I thought I was thinking but they all look at me.

"Hmm? What is it?" I ask gently, putting down the cup I am holding.

"Let's do that."

Hmm? Do what?



"It will be peaceful"

Ara? What will be peaceful?

"Hmph! I think I can handle one day every year like that. It's not like I like it or anything."

Sora-sama? Why do you sound like a tsundere? I thought you're an arrogant king?

"Ho~ Your such a liar, Sora"

Hmm? He's a tsundere.  I think.

"It's okay once in a while."

Like I said what?

I look at Haruto-sama who kept quiet, asking him silently. But he also nodded his head.

Seriously?! What is this peaceful thingy?!


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