Green 1

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<P>Green leaves of tree</P>

<P>waving above</P>

<P>the lake,</P>

<P>slowly moving</P>

<P>surface -small boat</P>

<P>Her dark hair</P>

<P>touching the water</P>

<P>her green</P>

<P>tulle dress</P>

<P>making sweet</P>


<P>her veil blown</P>

<P>away from light wind</P>

<P>Her lips whisper</P>

<P>"My beloved"</P>

<P>Forgive me</P>

<P>I'm going away</P>

<P>I wont return back</P>

<P>please Forgive me</P>

<P>My soul will</P>

<P>never leave you"</P>

<P>Her green tears</P>

<P>drop in the</P>

<P>green lake</P>

<P>with sadness</P>

<P>Her hand touched</P>

<P>the surface,</P>

<P>she saw his face</P>

<P>inside water -</P>

<P>just a sigh</P>


<P>Next morning</P>

<P>no one saw her</P>

<P>her body swam</P>

<P>so happy</P>

<P>silent ,</P>

<P>and peaceful</P>

<P>her white smiling</P>

<P>face and green</P>

<P>dress from tulle</P>


<P>on the lake</P>

<P>of her Beloved</P>

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