Trophy (OLDER VERSION and Parting Words)

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Hello, everyone! I know surprising right?  The reason I'm posting this is that: why not? Keep in mind; this was almost 11 months ago, it isn't good at all. I wrote this on my iPhone 5s at my Grandma's house on a low battery, about 15% or so. And looking back at all the oneshots thus far; they were all the better than this one. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it!

Dear Diary,

"The Heathers were like queens among peasants, chaos and disorder flooded the halls of Westerburg High until they came along with their 'peaceful' presence and showcased tranquility. Only if you were apart of them, otherwise they'd send Kurt and Ram to screw you over like rabid dogs. They are the hierarchy and the bitches of this hell. However, something tells me that everything will be different, starting from today, and I don't know why."

It was the first period, as usual, it was catastrophic the way first-year students shuffled through the corridors blocking the path for everyone and testing people's patience. Eventually, they trudged to their classes, and the halls were cleared like a show-stage. Then, the football jocks charged through the hallways shouting and slapping each other on the ass.

"Alright, good game dickheads, we bombed it!" A familiar voice boomed, which sounded like Ram

"Well, the other team was jacked up on steroids!" Kurt spewed out while resting his arm on Ram's right shoulder

"Also, on each other!" Ram sneered, alluding to circle-jerks and masturbation parties

Then, ' they' appeared, the Heathers had come to perform their sick freak-show to the whole school, but my eyes were peering towards Chandler's red blazer and her skirt. The way it hugged her previously unnoticed features, it was strange but oddly attractive. Snap out of it, Veronica, I think she just noticed my blank stare.

"What are you looking at dike?" She teased, "Is there something you like?"

"I, uh, I'm sorry for staring!" I stammered

"Meet me in the girl's bathroom before lunch!" She shouted with slight hesitation, along with a small pinch of compassion in her grey eyes

"O-okay!" I gasped

I didn't have much clue as to why I talked like that or felt what I felt; my knees were almost trembling at the sight of the mighty mythic bitch. I couldn't help but blush at the thought.

Duke couldn't refuse the offer of taunting me, "Yeah, we saw that, don't think you could get away with this!" She ended with a hiss

Mac already walked off, and I felt a vibration in my jacket's pocket with a text. 

Macaroni: :3

Sawyer: ????

Macaroni: ;)

It was nearing lunchtime, and with our arrangement to meet in the bathroom, something was about to go down. I entered and was pinned up against the bathroom wall.

"You have no clue of what you're doing to me, do you?"

I nodded with a no.

"The way you allure me to your small, geeky body, is a terrible disease flowing through my veins!" She snapped

With that, she tightened her grip on me and smothered her lips onto mine with burning passion with every action she had made.

"Come now, let me show off my trophy, my beauty!"

I hope you enjoyed the final oneshot!

The oneshots helped me improve so much as a writer, and I can't thank it enough.

Also, thank you to my followers and frequent passerby readers for giving this book a chance!

Also also, the other oneshots will be re-edited thanks to Grammarly!

Sincerely last,


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