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All through my life I never really loved anyone,
Never had strong feelings for another person.
Until that day.
Everything was normal the same old day on repeat,
I woke up startled by my alarm
I grab my head
Wow I've been having a lot of weird dreams recently
got dressed
Skipped breakfast
And walked to the bus stop.
I was first there like alwayse
As people started walking to the same bus stop I looked at my phone
No texts
Like alwayse,
I look up and there's the bus I rush and get on,
There sitting down was my best friend smiling at me and I sat next to her
"Hey lyla" she said
"Morning molly" I replied
"Soo you excited for school" molly said attempting to start conversation
"Hm, not really" I look around the bus to see Who's on the bus no one important
We got to school and I got off the bus and went to my group
I kept talking about my favourite game even though they where ignoring me,
The bell rang and it was roll call
One of my friends sat with me so like I do I talked about my favourite game that it seemed like no one else played
"Oh yeah I don't play that game but I have a friend that dose apparently he's super good at it to"
When I heard that I didn't think much of it at first until I started thinking about how I might have a friend to play the game with
The bell rang
Next class started
I saw the person
That was when I first noticed them
As the days went by I learnt more about him
I started to develop feelings for him
And as the days went by
The more I liked him
The more I loved him
I loved him so much
My feelings where so strong I had to tell someone
That's where everything started to go wrong

Although some of this story is based off real life events none of this is true

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