Part 4

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Shiv. Anika come with me  I wanna talk to  u. Anika nodded unwillingly and about to go but stopped listening her jaan voice.


All turned and found a 5 yrs boy stranding in the door with a three old girl

Ani.  Shavi. She whispered.

Shavi. Mumma he run and hugged her tightly along with pari.

Ani. Baby what r u doing here. Who dropped u both here.

Shavi. Mumma malika aunty dropped us here. She said she got a work. And she can't take us with her. That's why she dropped us here.

Ani. Ok baby it's fine. she smiled and kissed their cheeks.

Shivaay who was standing behind Anika got shocked to seeing him calling her mumma. Till now he thought that she is unmarried. But here a baby boy is calling her mumma.

Anika. Ache ok listen , just Sit here with pari. Mumma have some work. And yeah don't move around.

Shavi. I won't do mumma u know I'm a good boy. He said flicking his hair same like shivaay.

All cupped their face to seeing her antics. But most is shocking them his eyes which r exact copy of shivaay.

Shiv. Anika.

Ani. I'm sorry sir I never know that my friend will drop them here. I'm so sorry.

Pinky. Lo tu yaha job karna ai ha ka apna bacha ko kilana. Look if u wanna do job then keep ur babies at home.

Ani. I'm sorry mam next time I'll leave him at home.

Shiv. Mom Plz stop it. It's ok they r here. Infect it's good that if they have came here. now seerat will get company of them.

P. Lakin

Shiv. Mom I have kept her so i think u shouldn't interfere in it. Let's go anika. I wanna tell u many things about seerat.

Saying this he marched towards his room along with anika.

In room

Anika is standing beside shivaay silently and shivaay is looking at pool.

Shiv. I never thought that u will get marry so soon. I mean it's been 6 yrs only and u have 5 yrs old baby also . Why Anika why u left like this. I agreed I shouldn't have behaved with u like this on that day but i never thought that u will disappear like this. By the way who's ur husband. What he do.

Ani. Non of ur bussinus I came here for job so I think u should concern with it rather then asking me about my personal life.

Shiv. Anika why r u getting angry I was just asking generally.

Ani. And I don't wanna share anything with u. I'm not comfortable to do it with a stranger. So it's batter to be professional.

Shiv. Ani , when things become personal between us. What happened to u.

Ani. Nothing happened to me. Any way come on the point. My babies are waiting of me out side.

Shiv. U have to shift in my house from tomorrow.

Ani. Excuse me.

Shiv. I used to live with family bcz It was hard for me to handle a baby. But now when I got u so I'll shift in my apartment.

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