Chapter 40: Triple X

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'So, how'd it go?' Darcy asked, as soon as Ryn and Colt walked back through the warehouse doors. 'Did you get a van?'

'No,' Colt replied, 'but we did get a mission.'

'What?' Jackson, whom had previously been slouching over his small laptop suddenly straightened. 'What kind of mission are we talking about, here?'

'Apparently,' Ryn began, 'last night, the Mayor's house was broken into. His daughter was taken, and the CCTV footage surrounding the house revealed that it was another one of those scorpions.'

'So, we've been assigned with the task of getting her back?'

Colt nodded. 'The only problem is, nobody knows where the damned thing took her to.'

'We might be able to help with that,' Quentin emerged from the computer room.

Ryn noticed she was breathing hard, as though she had just returned from a marathon, rather than the computer room, and her eyes were slightly red and puffed, giving off the impression of recent tears.

But she held a smile on her face that defied such speculations.

'We know where the Silver Scorpion is hiding!'



All around the table, shouts of surprise and victory echoed from her teammates.

Ryn, herself, was very much eager to hear what the girl said next.

'Elliot had a hunch,' she began, as the boy walked out of the computer room to join her, 'and I followed it through with the cameras. Turns out that the scorpion that took the Mayor came from the abandoned subway tunnel up north.' She met her brother's gaze. 'Exactly where the train crash happened, eighteen years ago.'

'We didn't have access to the cameras below-ground,' Elliot continued, 'but it gives us a good place to start looking.'

Colt's eyes narrowed, thoughtfully. 'This means we must be on the right track with looking into the crash, itself, too. Did you guys find anything on it?'

'Darcy found the files for an experiment marked Triple X, which coincided roughly at the same time as the crash, just a few hours, before-hand.'

'I want to explain it,' Darcy cut in, sounding very much like an overexcited child.

'Fine,' Elizabeth relented, 'Go ahead.'

'Okay so... this Triple X report.... Apparently Scorp Tech was dealing with a new EMP technology.'

'Electro-Magnetic Pulse?' Elliot asked.


The boy groaned. 'Those things mess with my head.'

'Well, then you're really going to love this next part. Apparently, they were running a trial to determine if certain materials, specifically of the radioactive kind, would be able to dampen the effect of the EMP. 

'The hypothesis was based around whether radioactive energy could somehow be harnessed to interfere with or disrupt the electro-magnetic waves. I don't know, it all sounds a bit crazy to me, but they had a whole lot of maths here to support it. I mean, fighting fire with fire is one thing, but these idiots were trying to fight lightning with a nuke... 

'Lo and behold, Triple X backfired on them. Whatever they did amplified the pulse and set off the radioactive chemicals at the same time. Fried the whole lab, quite literally, and sent a series of current 'shockwaves' through the entire building. Scorp Tech's power went down for a full three minutes before they got the back-up generators working. 

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