Chapter Eight: Suffocating Love

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November, 1993, midday:
Harry listened to Elise while she freaked out for a third time that day. George was going to take her out on their very first date, and she was beyond ecstatic yet worried something would go wrong.

"Harry! Oh, what will I do then?!" She cuts through getting his attention after he zoned out from her rants

Opening his mouth to reply she cuts him off, "Never mind! Don't answer that! I'm being ridiculous that's all their is to it! Now you-" her voice changed from utter worry to interrogator at the end, "-what or more specifically whose been making you so happy go lucky? Started after Snape kicked you out of class."

Looking away from Elise, his legilimens teacher, he watches as Ahish sun bathes in one of the few windows of the classroom. Right now they should be in class but it was such a beautiful morning that they had spent time outside. However they were chased back inside by their head of house, greasy bat!

Really, and they say children have no appreciation for the simple things life!

Sighing, he might as well tell her...something.

"Lily's a slut."

Elise emits a bell-like laugh, smiling at him she says, "okay, last I checked women weren't your thing nor was incest or you'd be pining after that hunk of meat James sr."

Harry made a disgusted face and some puking noises. After receiving a slap on the back, he sits up and levels her with a serious look. Returning the favor after sensing the change in mood. Elise focuses solely on him ignoring the cigarette lazily held between two clad in black fingers.

"Lily Potter ten years ago, during the school year, gave birth to a baby girl."

Elise wanted to laugh and call him out on a joke but she knew he wasn't for the rare sincerity and seriousness of his. Processing what he said earlier about Lily she asks the crucial question.

"Who's the father?"

Harry looks out from where the two were perched upon the rather large window sill. Should he tell her? He relatively doesn't lie to her nor keep things important to himself. Plus if he was going to go through with the perfect gift for his Peony it might help her knowing ahead of time.

Turning back to his first family member he says, "The one and only greasy bat of the Hogwarts dungeons. Severus Snape screwed Lily Potter."

Elise dropped her cigarette in the state of shock onto a dry patch of grass on this hot but nice day with the occasional cool wind. Not realizing it she continues to stare at Harry and he at her while smoke starts to rise.

She stutters out a meak, "what?"

Harry sighes and says slowly, "three years ago, Snape and Lily fucked, and then had my little sister. Whose lived in an orphanage for ten years now."

Looking out the window he finally notices the now small fire almost directly below their perch. Calmly flicking his wand out, he mutters a quick Aguamenti, and turns to Elise who now has a contemplative look going.

"What is it?" He asks.

"Let's get her out of there." Elise says and stands up as if she meant in that moment.

"What?" He asks.

"She's in an orphanage?" At his nod she continues, "How are you going to get her out of there?"

"I'm not going to." He says matter-of-factly.

At her confused look he elaborates, "I'm going to wait till schools over, and then get her out of there. I don't want to leave her alone for the school year when she perfectly healthy, happy, and safe with the orphanage. Plus she has friends, and I don't want to cut her time with them any shorter than it is."

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