•That Was Never The Plan - •JJK •BYM •MH

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Word Count: 1752
One-Shot parts: 1.
Genre: •Angst

Blossom was next to Minah, holding her friends hand tight. She knew Minah dreaded where she had to walk past Jeongguk's group of boys. Its never a delight too - not even close.

They made their way through the gate and it immedetly started - "hey pig!" "Look! You've brought your girlfriend!" "Ugly brat" "Useless, disgusting." Minah bit back tears, Blossom sighed and stuck her face in Minah's neck. Minah started crying and Blossom brought them to a bench, blindly sitting down.

Blossom brought Minah into a deep hug and started to cry with her - Blossom's emotions didn't work well when a friend was crying. Its just her. Nothing wrong with her actual body.

"Shh, its okay..." Blossom whispered out, pressing a kiss to Minah's head. Minah continued crying, soaking Blossom's school outfit. Not that the younger cared at all. She just wants Minah to feel better.


Its later in the afternoon, around 1:00pm, and schools almost out. Hallelujah. Blossom saw Minah's shuddering and preparing for leaving. Blossom can't blame her.

Blossom's Jeongguk's crush - this doesn't help Minah because she's so close with Blossom. That's another reasons he dislikes Minah so much - she looks as if she's taking Blossom away from him. Yes, Blossom is completely blind to this because Minah never tells her why.

Blossom does know Minah is bullied because of her looks - she is gorgeous, even though no one dares to say it - well besides Blossom herself. She'll tell Minah she's gorgeous, beautiful, perfect.

Blossom hates that Jeongguk does this to Minah. She hates his group. She hates their ways. She hates their intentions. She hates all of them. Even Jeongguk... Okay, that may be a lie - but if she knew what was happening, she'd hate him for sure.

Minah's told Blossom over three hundred times to leave the situation alone, to forget Minah's hard troubles - only because she knows Blossom will get hurt eventually. And she doesn't want that at all. She would feel like hell if Blossom gets hurt, everyone knows what Jeongguk is capable of when upset, mad, intimidated... Heated up.

Blossom met Minah at Minah's locker, seeing a picture of Minah's cousin. Minah's cousin was in a car accident and passed away after four days of a coma. It was hard - Minah's cousin was a comfort to her. Blossom knows this, too. She knows Jeongguk knows - that's a reason he sometimes feels guilt in this. But, his ego keeps it all together and guilt is quickly erased by inspiration on what to do next.

"I see you still have the picture," Blossom said, gummy smile on display. Minah coughed out a chuckle. She's joked about it getting ripped out a lot - because it'll happen... One day.

"Guess so, I'm praying they don't. This is the only one I have of her.. Well, besides the ones in my phone. I plan on printing those later," Minah explained, Blossom hummed and gripped her backpack straps. She waited patiently for Minah well she sucked on a fire ball.

Minah grabbed her backpack and they made their way out, Minah felt calmer about the group - she doesn't know why. Blossom suddenly remembered something - and Minah's doomed.

"Shi- crap! I need my text book! Be right back!" Blossom yelled, already running back into the school as Minah gulped. Well crap.

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