Chapter 7

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Three and a half years later:

"Tessa, I saw what happened earlier." I turned my head to look at Yvonne, she was giving me a weird look.

"What do you mean? And stop with that face, it's creeping me out."

"Don't pretend that you don't know!"

"No, seriously, I don't know what you're talking about."

"You and Jake! The way you two held each other's hands today, the way you two looked at each other..." She said dreamily.

Oh god. She was talking about what happened earlier, I had incidentally slipped and Jake caught me.

I and Jake has been friends for two years now and there's nothing going on between us. "I told you, Jake and I are just friends." I said and she scoffed.

"That's what you always say, even when you know it's not true, just- fine, but that won't stop me from shipping."

I rolled my eyes mentally. "Did you hear?" She asked. "Hear what?"

"About the boss, he's going to come to our branch tomorrow, I gotta go do my beauty treatment!"

The boss, he was coming? I've never seen him personally, I have only heard of him. "Okay." I replied.

I woke up to someone practically jumping on me, Jesus. I shifted my eyes to see Anne.

How did she? "Mommy!" She said giggling moving closer to me, she rapped her hands around my neck. "Hey baby." I said hugging her back.

"Let's go brush our teeth and have our bath?"

"Hmm." She replied.

"I'd be going now, please take care of her and thank you so much." I said to Zara.

"Of course, see you later." She said and I smiled and walked out the door. I went to my car and drove off to the office.

I had recently bought the car from my savings. Just a year after I gave birth to Anne, Jake had helped me secure a job.

Not just any job, a job in one of the biggest company in the world, and the pay is really good. Though I think he has a connection with the boss.

Perhaps, they were friend?

I got to the office and walked in, oh god. I was 20mins late, I walked faster and finally got to my work department.

But it was unusually empty, where are the other people. I saw a cleaner. "Hey, do you know where they-"

"They are in the conference room, with the boss." She said and my eyes widened.

Oh snap! I quickly took my bag and practically ran to the conference room. I got to it and opened the door.

All eyes were suddenly on me. I blushed at the attention that was suddenly on me.

I walked closer to the big table, "I'm sorry for the disturbance." I said and slowly took a seat to sit down.

"You were saying?" I heard Jake say, oh thank god! The attention was now off me.

Thank you, Jake.

"It's going to be like this..." And just like that the meeting went on, damn. How could I not know about this, what if i'm given a query?

Soon the meeting was over and the employees started walking out. "Did you see him?!" Yvonne screech, Jesus, my ears. Placing a hand on my ear, I asked. "Did I see who?"

"Austin Kings!" She squealed, I'm pretty sure if she does that one more time, I'm going to go deaf.

But no, I did not see him. "No." I replied and she looked at me like I just said the most abominable word ever.

"Look." She said pointing to a man on suit. Jesus. I almost got a heart attack. Was he for real? So handsome, hot... Sinfully handsome... What the hell am I saying? Now I see where all the ladies here were staring at, not all though, of course, Jake also have some spotlight, have I ever mentioned Jake is so handsome and so hot? Oh stop!

And you say you're just friends with him? Yep, just friends. I don't even think I'm ever going to start a relationship ever again.

"Just his smell alone will melt you, it's so good." I heard Yvonne say. No doubt she was going to try and get him, she's clearly obsessed with him.

"Wish you the best."

"Oh, he's the the best!" She mused. I looked at my time. "Let's go back to the office?"

"Yeah." she replied. We walked forward and then we had to pass where the boss was. Just when we were going to pass him, Yvonne fell to his feet.

She did that on purpose.

"Oh my. I'm so sorry." She said slowly standing up. She shyly tucked her hair in the back of her ear.

I expected him to like say. 'Oh it's okay.' But he didn't, he just stepped away from her and walked towards where Jake was.

Rude much?

"Are you okay?" I asked and she just nodded her head. "Let's go." I said and we walked towards our department.

It's been an hour since we got here and it's been a boring day. I sighed getting up, I had to go give Jake this file. Did I mention Jake was my senior here?

I got to the office and opened the door. "Hey." I said smiling at him, he returned back the smile

"Hey." He replied. "I came to give you this, I've done the necessary process." I said giving it to him.

"Thank you." He said. "No problem." I turned around at walked out of the office.

I got to the elevator leading to my department and entered it, it moved for 3mins and stopped.

I came out and walked to my office. My office phone suddenly rang. "Miss Tessa, the boss requested for you to come to his office immediately."


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