Two Weeks (32)

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     Two weeks later...

    She looked above at the council. "I would've been here sooner, but I was training before I got the message." 

     All the councilmen and women bowed their heads. "We have summoned you today, as we have finally agreed upon the date in which you will be tested." 

     Her heart began to pound. "When?" 

     The man with a heavily freckled face-Guide Declan-responded with, "two weeks exactly." 

     Two weeks! That was nothing. "I was under the impressiom I would have a couple more months?" She was close to begging. She wouldn't be ready in two weeks. 

     Guide Amal had her hair swept up in a classical bun. She was elegance incarnate. "The people at our doors multiply each day. They must know if their true mother has returned. The rumors are tearing werewolf kind apart. Putting it off any longer will not only endanger you, but also this Temple of Godhead." 

     We're ready. 

     Aeress paused. Are we?

     No response. 

     "I understand," Aeress replied quietly, seeing as it was obvious there would be a shorter wait than she had ever anticipated. "Two weeks." 

     "And also," Guide Demarious butted in, "until after the trials, you are not permited outside of the temple for safety reasons." 

     Annoyance pricked at her skin, and she attempted to talk herself out of smart-mouthing them. "Anything else?" 

     "Yes, actually," Guide Alejandra said. "In regard to your relations to Premier-"

     "What about it?" She barked at them. They had better have known that they were stepping on thin ice right about then. 

     Guide Alejandra cleared her throat. Her tan skin looked paler than usual. Aeress knew she was a smart woman if she felt just an ounce of fear. "While we understand you are quite fresh to the teachings of Godhead, we are confident that Premier has informed you that while you are his fated, any sexual advances toward you is a direct violation of his duty as Godhead." 

     Aeress was quiet for a little while. "Is that so?" She couldn't keep the snarl out of her voice. She didn't appreciate anyone telling her who she could and couldn't have sex with, especially when it keeps her from the male she specifically wanted to be with. "Who declared this?" 

      "The Ancient Guides, direct councilmen to Godhead." 

      Is this true?

     Everything gets twisted in the face of passing time. There are many wrong translations in my scripture. I would never encourage the separation of two mates no matter their titles or positions. You know this. 

     Aeress looked every person in the eyes. "We will see once I pass the trials what violations you speak of." 


     Aeress sat alone in her tub, surrounded by nothing but her contemplation. Before, she tried to call Shaya but there was no response. 

     After a full day of training, all she wanted was a hot bath to soothe her soreness, though she had a feeling nothing would soothe her anxieties about the impending trials. 

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