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I'm still kinda uncomfortable since I almost accidentally said I love you to chase. That wouldn't have been good I don't think. He's probably not ready. I felt like texting someone about it

Pay pay messages

Pay pay: hey loser
Kylie: 😂😭 hiiii
Pay pay: what's up
Kylie: I need to talk to you about chase, is it okay?
Pay pay: of corse are you okay?
Kylie: I almost accidentally said I love you to chase and I've known him since like 9th but never talked to him until like 6 moths ago and we got closer and I don't want to say it when it may seem too soon.
Pay pay: oh, well I know chase really likes you. Maybe just give it a little while. And say it when you feel a little closer to him. And when you really feel in a good place with him.
Kylie: thanks pay. Ur amazing.😓💜
Pay pay: np fuckerrrr
Kylie: bitchassss whore
Pay pay: but whole
Kylie: lol u win I got nothing

Payton's pov
I really like Kylie. She's so pretty. Perfect.
She's beautiful. Her hair is amazing. She likes chase tho. I've been in her classes since middle school. We were in different friend groups. I never talked to her. But I always liked her I always thought she was pretty. I put my phone down and go to sleep thinking about what it would've been like if she picked me.

OKKKKKKKKK so idk if I should continue this book... thoughts? Please comment sorry about this short chapter

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