6 - Save Me

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Yeontan, again, neighs loudly after not hearing from Sihyuk for about an hour.

Scratch it, it's been almosy two hours. He knows something is terribly wrong, he can basically feel it. And it's pretty obvious just for the evident fact of how perilous this place looks like.

Yeontan struggles, trying his best to escape from the stables when he suddenly saw something move in his peripheral. He snaps his head towards it and on top of the stacks of hay, there's a... wig.

A blonde wig.

Yeontan looks at it, ridiculed. He doesn't know of he should laugh ('how do I laugh?') or get a lot more anxious because what's a wig doing in here?

He didn't notice it earlier, which he should've been because of how silky and glossy it looks, as if it just went out of the parlor.. but it's in a mountain of hay instead.

Now, he's literally about to shit himself. He trashes around wildly, raising his front feet and kicking the stall's gate with all his might.

He kicks, and kicks on the gate for it to open. He's too focused on getting out, that he didn't notice the blonde wig moving on its own.

He frantically looks around to look for something to help him escape, when he suddenly heard some rustling and the gate slowly opens. His state of going berserk stopped as he stares in his front, gate wide open.

Huh. Was he able to open it after numerous attempts? He's not sure, but he's thankful.

Without wasting any time, he goes out and speeds for the wooden door, only for it to suddenly slam shut. He neighs in shock and raises his front legs, stopping clumsily. Then he saw the wig, its strand of hair gripping on the door handle.

He looks at it completely horrified, legs quivering out of fear.

As if it can't get any more fucked up, the wig opens a portion of hair that represents a mouth, and talked in its honey-dipped voice, "You know, a thank you will be very appreciated, you big baby."

'I am a horse!' He cries out and raises his legs, striking the wooden door as hard as he can, making it open with a loud crack and he gallops for his life. He makes a sharp turn towards the castle, his fear peaks as he slams his heels on the grand doors.

But it didn't open, even though he tried to body slam his whole body (he still cares for his owner). After numerous attempts, he grew tired and sore from doing it, and-

"You can't really open it because the thief you're with is locked up inside." The blonde wig casually says as it appears out of nowhere right beside him.

For the last time, Yeontan neighs in fright and he turns around, galloping fast away from the cursed castle and a talking wig. He needs to tell Taehyung (or just trash around wildly to get the point), dread running through his mind.


"You're a very adorable one, aren't you?" He giggles when the bunny scrunches its nose and bounces away into the woods. Taehyung is currently in an open ground that overviews the small village, down below the cliff he's sitting on. He flops back down and feels the grasses surround him, humming in content.

But the unusual gut feeling still won't leave him. He turns on his side and plucks a small dandelion, giving it a small puff and it transcends through the air. He keeps on turning around, feeling the discomfort and worry in his mind that he can't seem to unravel.

After a moment of being completely uneasy, the nightfall finally entered the sky. He decided to stand up and stretch. He keeps thinking about his father and Yeontan. He should get used by know because Sihyuk usually travels for miles when it comes to work, because that's how passionate he is. But he can't shrug off the apprehension that maybe there's something wrong that went on right now.

He just hopes that they come back home safely.

He shakes his head and dusted off his navy blue tunic. He walks down the village, lights seeping from inside the houses and lantern street lights giving a dull glow to the pathway. A few villagers are roaming around, also carrying their own oil lamps.

He beelined to his small home but he was stopped abruptly by Minjae, "My love-"

"What do you want?" Taehyung asked, annoyed. He doesn't feel great and seeing him just made him more irritated than ever.

Minjae frowns and looks down offended, like a kicked puppy, "I-I just found out from Irene that you like cute stuffs so," he stares at him and jutted his bottom lip, "I'm going to give you something that you'll like because... uhm, I just really wuv you, and Minjae weally wants to d-"

"Oh my, stop!" Taehyung cringed so hard. Minjae's pout only gets worse. Some of the villagers stopped and watched them.

"Why? Did Taehyungie don't- hey wait!"

Taehyung groans and sprints past him, but once again, stopped suddenly when Minjae grips on his forearm, he shakes it off and glares at him. "How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not interested and-"

"I won't fucking stop until you give me a chance!" Minjae bellows, making him flinch and step back in surprise, eyes wide. He never heard him shout at him with that outraged voice before.

He looks at him, astounded. Minjae comes back to his senses, breathes deeply and smiles at him as if nothing happened. "Now, if only you let me explain." He raises his other hand from behind his back, which of course he didn't notice, now holding a tiger plushie. "In the past few months, you kept trying to avoid me, but my love for you only grew stronger," he lowers down the tiger stuff toy and there, he saw something flicker on the top of its head.

"Now, I do know the fact that you're just playing hard to get. But your games should come to an end now, Tae. We all want a happy ending, afterall." Taehyung looks down on the toy's head and gasps when he saw a ring perched on top of it, its diamond glinting.

"Minjae, what-" Taehyung steps back in surprise when he kneeled in front of him. He only realized now that they're surrounded by the people. The villagers anticipates the next thing to happen, some about to cry in frustration, some looks at him pitifully.

Taehyung flails his arms around, "No! Don't kneel, what are you doing?!" He heard some rustling from the distance.

Minjae only smiles at him and raises the stuff toy, "I know you're vibrating with excitement right now, so I won't make it any longer," shocked noises from the distance are heard, more on his right side.

He's about to run when Minjae suddenly grips his leg, smiling at him endearingly, "Taehyung, will you marry-" Minjae suddenly screams when he swiftly gets knocked down on the ground, groaning in pain.

He gasps in shock as his line of vision is abruptly met by none other than Yeontan, whinnying in distress as he raises his front legs, circling around him as Minjae just curls on himself after he was smacked down on both his shoulder and stomach. He cried after Yeontan accidentally stomped on him again.

Besides the fact that the horse stopped the attempted proposal (which he was very thankful for), Yeontan's raucous behavior made Taehyung more alarmed as he raises his hands and tries to calm down the horse.

"Tannie, calm down!" After a few seconds of Yeontan circling around, he finally calmed down. The villagers sprinted away because of the animal going wild (and they don't want to end up like Minjae, whose now curling on the ground.)

"Okay, what happened? Where's... where's father?" He looks around, alarmed after realizing that Yeontan only came here alone, without the carriage.. and his father.

After mentioning him, Yeontan neighs loudly, making him flinch back in surprise as he raises his front legs to the direction he came from earlier, as if motioning him to go there.

Taehyung suddenly felt cold as he shivers at the idea of his loving father, alone and in danger. So he wastes no time hopping on Yeontan's back, struggling for a while because of how much his legs jitter out of fright.

"Let's go, quick!" He stammers, gripping tightly on the rope halter. Yeontan starts to gallop fast, Taehyung almost losing his grip.

They went to the forest, carrying a heavy feeling of dread, tremor running after them as the tall trees swallowed them and caved them into its depth.

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