Chapter 36

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I've been thinking. Should I make a one shot book?

I just wanted some opinions.



"Keef?" Kora questioned getting off of her mattress. "How did I get here?"

Lance moved and looked down at Kora.

The girl suddenly let out a gasp. "Did I do that thing where I walk when I'm sleeping!?"

Lance let out a laugh. "No KitKat."

Kora let out a squeak not realizing that Lance was awake.

"You scared me Teddy Bear." Kora giggled and crawled towards him and jumping on the bed.

"Sorry KitKat." Lance smiled and moved over so she could lay beside him.

Kora felt a tingling sensation shoot up through her arm. Looking down at her arm she let out a big gasp.

"Kora?" Lance questioned with a raised brow. "What's wrong?"

"Look." She said and moved her arm so that he could see.

On Kora's right arm was a bunny. It was just the head but it was now being coloured in.

"That's your soulmate." Lance said and traced the drawing. "Why don't you draw back?"

"Okay." Kora said and hopped off of the bed.

Lance followed and grabbed a marker off of Keith's dresser. "Let's go the living room so that we don't wake your brother up okay."

Kora nodded and walked into the living room with Lance following.

"Alright." Lance said and handed the girl the marker as she took a seat on the couch. "You draw something I'm going to make some breakfast."

Lance walked away and into the Kitchen as Kora stared at her arm.

She uncapped the marker and lifted her left arm and started drawing a flower. It was pretty detailed too.

She made sure to add the stem and the veins in the leaves.

It was only the outline but she did want to color it in. So she went to her room and grabbed her markers and brought them back into the living room.

Kosmo hopped up onto the couch as Kora took a seat.

"Hello Kosmo." Kora giggled as she colored in her flower.

Kosmo rested his head on her lap as he slowly fell asleep again.

"All done." Kora whispered and smiled to herself.

"Kora." Lance sang and walked out. "I made omelets!"

"What's an omelet?" Kora questioned.

Lance moved his finger in a 'come hither' motion.

Kora got seated at the table and stared at the Omelet. Then she started poking at it. She finally took a bite..

"WOW!" Kora exclaimed taking more bites. "SO YUMMY!"

Lance let out a laugh and ate his omelet.

The sound of running feet was heard and Keith ran into the dining room where the two were located at.

"Morning Keef!" Kora smiled. "Want an omolet?"

"Omelet." Lance corrected the girl.

Keith didn't say anything but just wrapped his arms around his sister.

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