𝚋𝚞𝚛𝚗𝚜 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚑𝚎𝚕𝚕 | [𝚜𝚕𝚊𝚡𝚕]

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"Alright, Stevie, I'm heading out!" I said after clocking out and grabbing my coat. "I don't want you to leave." Stevie pouted, as I walked to the front of the counter and pulled my coat on. I gave him a smile. "Duff's gonna be here with you all night. And it's a cafe. Only emos and tourists would come in this late." I said. "Ax, I still want you to stay." He pleaded.

"Stevie, don't be dramatic. It's not that bad. I get stuck with teachers, teenagers and moms with their kids on a leash." I chuckled. "But I'm tired and I have classes tomorrow morning." I smiled empathetically. "Tell Sidney I said hi." I said.

Sidney was his 4 year old daughter. Some dude had got him pregnant in 11th grade and his parents kicked him out, so he's been living with his grandmother ever since. Sidney was the cutest thing, but kids were not on my mind. I'm only 23. I've got time. Right??

Stevie nodded. "I'll tell her Aunty Axl says hey." He joked. I playfully rolled my eyes and flipped him off, grabbing my bag and car keys. "The snow's really comin' down out there, huh?" I asked, warily looking out of the large glass windows to see the snow falling in large flurries and piling up on the ground.

"That's Seattle, for ya." Duff said as he cleaned the coffee dispensers. I sighed. "I'll see you guys on Friday." I smiled, giving them a wave. "Im coming to yours tomorrow after class!" Stevie called as I pulled in my hood and left the cafe.

I gave him a thumbs up through the window, then located my Toyota Camry in the pitch black of night, and hopped right in, immediately turning on the heater. I sighed, pulling my hood off. "Lord, please give me the strength to drive through this and get home." I groaned, starting my 20 minute drive home in silence.


Upon arriving home, I got this feeling in my gut that something wasn't right, but I pushed it away, considering that maybe it was because I was hungry. I parked in the lot of my apartment block and climbed out of my car, pulling on my hood and grabbing my bag. I felt eyes on me so I looked up, then around myself before quickly shutting and locking my car.

I made sure my mace was working hand reach as I entered the building and walked past that pervert, Marly, at the front desk. He always tried to hit on me and usually pestered me about going on dates with him and would follow me all the way to my apartment before I have him a glare and slammed the door in his stupid, old l, creepy face.

Once I made it to my apartment, I sighed and unlocked the door, entering the dark space with a content smile as I closed and locked the door. "Missy?" I called out, pulling off my coat. Nothing. I frowned, hanging up my coat and tossing my keys into the empty candy dish by the door. "Sophie?" I tried again. Neither of my cats answered and I was getting worried.

I fed them this morning and I locked the door, so they should still be here. Maybe they're laying on my bed. I flicked on my light and screamed, running backwards so fast and hard that my body slammed into the wall and made a dent. The person-bird-thing did a muffled scream, also falling back on their ass. My eyes were widened in fear and I quickly glanced down at my cats, Sophie and Missy who were clearly annoyed to have been awakened.

I noted the bandage around the jaw of a confusingly beautiful inhuman thing sulking on my living room floor. It had long curly hair that went a few ways past its shoulder and was shining and bounced with its every move, tan skin that looked soft to the touch, full pouting lips that trembled every second, and large black wings that sprang out as soon as I had turned the lights on.

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