Part 3

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Bus stopped on Mumbai bus station and Anika came out with shavi who is sleeping on her shoulder. 

Ani. At last atleast my fate  again brought me on that place where I was belong. I tried hard to not come back in this city but look after 6 yrs I'm standing on same place where I took auth to not coming  back.

Shavi. Mumma he said in sleepy tone.

Shavi. Mumma where we r.

Ani. Baby we r in Mumbai.  Now we will live here only.

Shavi. Really mumma.

Ani. Really she smile and kissed his cheek.

Shavi. Mumma I'm starving plz give me something to eat.  Anika's face got pale after listening him but she was plastered  smile on her face and put shavi down.

Ani. Let's go mumma will bought for u something.

Shavi nodded both  started walking towards shop.

Anika  opened her purse and found only 50 rupees in it. Now she is in dilemma if she will spend whole Money then she won't be able to hire any auto and also she can't see her baby hungry.  She look at her son who is looking at a chocolate pastry.

Ani. Ya khana ha.

Shavi look at her face and nodded in no.

Shavi. No mumma I don't like it. I want those biscuits. He pointed on a small pocket of biscuit which is hanging on the rope.

Anika bend down and hugged him tightly. She is feeling angry to not able to fulfil her baby's wish. But what can I do when she don't have money. So she kept a big stone on her heart and bought biscuits for her baby who started eating biscuits with a big smile.

Ani. Now I have to search home for me. I can't keep my son on road. Saying this she held her baby's hand and walked out from there.

Both son and mother are walking on the road when shavi's eyes fell on a girl who is playing with football. He smiled to seeing her cuteness but his smiled faded when he seen a car approaching towards her. He immediately left ani's hand and pulled girl towards him. Anika's eyes welled up to seeing her baby she set on knees and hugged him tightly

Ani. Are u ok baby have u got any hurt show to ur mumma.

Shavi. Mumma I'm ok don't worry. But she is not ok. Anika came out from her trance and found little curly hair girl is crying sitting near her. Anika smiled at her and make her stand infront of her.

Ani. Are u ok princess. Little girl look at her with brown eyes and nodded in yes.

Ani. Where is ur mummy daddy .

G. Mummy she came out from Anika's hand and run towards a lady who is standing behind her. Anika turned and got shocked to find malika hugging the little girl.

Ani. Mali.

M. Ani. She smiled in tears and goes near her.

M. Anika u here. I can't believe.anika smiled nervously and hide shavi behind her.

M. Anika where had u been. U know we tried to search u a lot but we couldn't found u.

Shavi. Mumma who is she. Anika got pale and tried to cover up but couldn't do it

M. Anika are u married is that ur baby

Ani. Wo ma

Shavi. Mumma ki shadi nhi huvi ha.

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