The Rouxls and info

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Ok this part is not about Rouxls-

It's about RULES.

ok here they are:

1. I can only do 1 request because I'm unmotivated to do more than 1.

2. I can only do these fandoms:
Bendy And The Ink Machine

3. I will not do a crossover oneshots

4. I will not accept Lemon requests bc I don't know how to do one and I do not want to know how to write one.

I can probably try to do a fluff oneshot-
(If I ever do one I'm so sorry if it's horrible)

More info:

I can do shitpost oneshots, love triangle oneshots, yandere oneshots (because I was probably a yandere once and I read many of them so I can probably write one), femalexfemale, malexmale, *character*x gender neutral reader, AU characterxreader too but only Deltarune and Undertale, xyandere reader, heck I can probably do a oneshot of you and a character-

When I am done with a request, request another one :D

Since I'm such a psychopath and a creepy masochistic dude I can do blood and gore oneshots.

Warning keys:
(G)- Gore
(F)- Fluff
(B)- Blood
(!B!)- A lot of blood
(S)- Suicide
(P)- profanity
(!P!)- a lot of profanity

I guess stay tuned and if I ever publish a part, prepare for my cringy writing :')

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