Gone Mental

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Prem's POV

Bright and Tutah are standing in the doorway of our last class with their arms crossed. I look behind me to find Arthit and Knott standing in the same manner.

"What the hell is this?" I grouse. I don't want to be late.

"An intervention," Tutah tells me. "Who are you, and what have you done with our friend?"

"Huh?" I look back at Knott, hoping he might be able to explain this idiot to me.

"You heard him," Knott puts in. "Answer him."

"What are you guys talking about?" I say, running my hand through my hair, "You are the ones that have gone mental." I look at my watch and realize I am going to be late if they keep this up. "Let me go already."

"See. That is what we are talking about," Arthit says, poking my chest as he says each word.

I grab his hand. "That hurts, you freaking little monster," I growl and glare at the rest of them, "Are you not going to let me leave?"

"Where are you going, and who are you going to meet?" Bright steps up to me, "Tell us, and we might let you leave."

"Might?" I question taking a step toward Bright. Get in my face, will you? "Might let me go? And why do I have to report to you guys?"

I feel a hand on my shoulder and turn to see Knott. He has his parental face on right now. I hate that face.

"I am going to go play basketball," I relent, "Are you happy now? Can I go? I am going to be late."

"Basketball? It's not a date?" Tutah looks shocked. "I was sure you were dating someone considering how you are acting. Are you playing basketball with your date?"

"Yeah, who is she?" Bright giggles. "Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!!!"

"What are you, a kid?" I ask.

"Do you think that idiot is a grown up?" Arthit snorts. "Tell us."

"You are just as bad as he is." I shove Bright out of my way. "I told you guys where I am going, so let me go."

Tutah blocks the door when I try to leave, and I growl.

"Let him go, Ai'Tutah," Knott orders, "He told us where he is going."

"But he didn't say with who," Tutah whines. "So cough it up. Who is the unlucky girl?"

"Oh my God, people!" I shout, "I am going to play basketball with N'Wad. HAPPY!!"

Tutah shakes his head no slowly. "No. Now I am terrified," Tutah mutters, "Who the fvck are you?"

"Huh?" I am dumbfounded, "Why are we back to that question?" I want to kill my friends. Maybe if I start with Bright, they will realize who the hell I am!

I feel a palm on my head and turn and glare at Knott. "I am not sick, asshole."

"N'Wad?" Arthit questions, "The grumpy first year who you have almost killed?"

"He is not grumpy. And you have no room to talk. You are the king of grumpy," I sigh. "He is quiet."

Bright reaches over to place his palm on my forehead, and I slap it away. Why am I friends with these idiots? I look at my watch. Damn it! I am late now.

"Look," I say, pointing my finger at my friends, "I am late. Can you stage this so-called intervention another day? I promise I will not escape."

"Go," Knott agrees, "But we will have this discussion again."

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