Funky Time

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( Trigger warning ⚠️. Sexual assault)

* Lilly starts waking up. *

Fuck... what the?? Where am I ?

* She looks over and see's Gregory moaning and jerking off*

What the fuck Gregory! You sick fuck! Let me go!

* Gregory Laughs *

No! We haven't even had fun yet.

* Lilly tears up*

My dad knows I'm here. He's going to fucking kill you.

* Gregory shrugs. He pulls out a stereo and starts blasting music. *


* he laughs maniacally. He climbs on top of her*

* Lilly starts screaming * No!! Someone help!

* Gregory Laughs *

No one can hear you princess.

You smell like strawberries

* He sniffs her hair then starts going down her body *

Beautiful I'm so glad I've finally got you.

* Lilly cries as she begins raping her. *

* Gregory thinks to himself * It worked! I can't believe it really worked!

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