A true family

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This is about a week after you got back to the gangs house

You woke up before every one else like always you looked down and saw Narancia in your arms just like how he looked last night. You sighed a sigh of relief everything was great you had people how cared about you people how are more than friends people who are role models to you people who are like a family. You now had a true family, you stared to cry a little bit withc woke up Narancia "hey are you alright? What happened?" He asked with a very loving and caring tone witch just made you cry even more "hey, what's wrong please tell me" he said in an even more concerning tone going up to see your face. When you looked in his eyes it made you cry more. "Its just that, I've never really had a real family before and having you on top of all of the things you guys do for me it just makes me so happy" you said through the tears. Narancia understood how you felt he felt the same way when he met fugo and Bucciarati he went up to you and liked the tears of your face "that was kinda weird" you said
"Oh shut up and enjoy the moment" he said back you both laughed.

When every one else woke up and you all had breakfast together Bucciarati said "okay every one, were going on a trip today!" Every one made a face of confusion "where are we going" mista asked "that you will learn when we get there" Bucciarati replied smugly.

You all got into a car and started to drive. After about  an hour of driving every one started to get bored "hey Bucciarati where are we going?" Mista said in the most boring tone ever "I already said you would find out when he get there" he said back with a smug grin. "But were boooooooooord!" he whined "just play a game or something" he said in an optimistic tune "oh I know let's play eye spy! I'll start! I spy with my litte eye" he said scanning his surroundings "something blue!"
"Your shirt?" said abbacchio
"No" mista said cheekily
"My shirt?" Giorno asked
"No" mista said with an even bigger grin "just tell us" Narancia said
Mista started laughing "oh man you guys dont realise at all! ITS MY HAT" he said while laughing "whatever, this game is stupid" Narancia said turning to you "but you aren't" he said in a caring manner you two smiled and held hands "I spy with my litte eyes something lovely dovey" mista said sarcastically. "Shut up!" Narancia yelled at him "come every one where almost there!" Bucciarati said you all looked out the window it was.... AN AMUSEMENT PARK!!???

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