Chapter 37: Dreams are Memories

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"I haven't seen Daniel today!" Isabella murmured finishing her plate.

"Yes Madam, he had a few things to take care of." Valtteri replied serious standing in his position just near the door. Since she came back security had been heavily guarding the house and her.

"Can you take me out?" Valtteri looks into her eyes ready to deny her request. "I feel like a prisoner here."

"You're not a prisoner madam. But we both know it's not a good idea."

"But you will be with me this time. Come on Valtteri, I'm really bored! I can ask your master if that's necessary." Valtteri closed his eyes reluctantly but held the radio caller device tightly on his hand typing something. He left the room, and Isabella could watch him anxiously speaking to the person on the other side nodding continuously to whatever he heard. He went back to the dinning room releasing a deep breath before asking her to finish he plate.

"Where do you want to go Madam?"


"How much security you brought with us again?" Isabella asked curiously.

"6 cars, 18men with 6 drivers." Isabella scoffed shaking her head. "I would have brought even more if that means protecting you at any cost!"

"I believe you would be enough to do that, Valtteri!"

"The Master don't like mistakes and neither do I, Madam. I will get into the stores with you and they will stay around. They have green light to shoot, just like me."

Isabella don't even lose her time discussing how exaggerated that sounded because she knew he was doing his job, a bit extra but he knows what he does. Instead, she focused on the fact that she was out of that giant mansion, ready happily walking around like she used to do a few months ago. She had to admit that her life was always difficult and insane but lately she had been feeling content with herself, grateful for being alive since everything seemed to be falling in the right place.

"I'm going in." Isabella said softly to Valtteri who nod speaking something through his watch while escorting her inside.

"I'll be waiting by the door, Madam." Isabella nods back, just walking around the massive store, not looking for anything particular when her eyes catch a gorgeous white dress with flowers. It was such a gorgeous piece of clothing she couldn't take her eyes off.

" You'd like to try it on Madam?" a smiley elderly woman politely asks with her hands behind her back.

"Yes, I'd love to." the lady nods and walks away, coming back a few seconds later holding the exact same dress.

"It will look amazing on you Madam. Please follow me." she motions Isabella to follow her behind to the large fitting rooms with mirrors all around the walls. It's kinda creepy to her seeing her all over again in every mirror but Bella ignores it, removing her clothes to try the beautiful dress in her hands.

The dress looked perfect and fitted her well in the right places, she just wondered if Daniel would like that dress as well, when she's looking in the mirror and when a pair of hands grabbed her arm harshly. Isabella's breath hitch in her throat when she looks at the reflection in the mirror almost fainting when she meet those eyes. Eyes that broke and destroyed her 8 years ago...

"Hello my Isabella!" he hisses pushing her body against his with a smile.

"What are you doing here? How did you got here? Ouch Artem you're hurting me!" she asks panicking and alarmed not really knowing how to react. She watched how he smirked and those evil eyes devoured her.

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