Foxes Book of Martyrs V13 The Reign of Queen Mary I Part V

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<P>Volume 13</P>

<P>The Reign of Queen Mary I. - Part V.</P>

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<P>361. Ambrose (first name unknown), Richard Lush, Thomas Read, Simon Miller and Elizabeth Cooper</P>

<P>One Ambrose, a confessor, who died in Maidstone prison.</P>

<P>After these ten above-named, burnt at Lewes, about the same time and month one Ambrose died in Maidstone prison, who else should have been burnt in the like cause and quarrel as the others were.</P>

<P>The condemnation and martyrdom of Richard Lush.</P>

<P>In the registers of Gilbert, bishop of Bath and Wells, I find a certificate made to King Philip and Queen Mary, of one Richard Lush, there condemned and given to the secular power to be burnt for the cause of heresy, whose affirmations in the said certificate be expressed in tenor and effect as followeth:--</P>

<P>"First, For denying the verity of the body and blood of Christ in the sacrament of the altar.</P>

<P>"2. Item, For denying auricular confession to be made to the priest.</P>

<P>"3. Item, For affirming only to be three sacraments; to wit, of baptism, of the supper, and of matrimony.</P>

<P>"4. Item, For refusing to call the Lord's supper by the name of the sacrament of the altar.</P>

<P>"5. Item, For denying purgatory; and that prayer and alms profit not the dead.</P>

<P>"6. Item, That images are not to be suffered in the church; and that all that kneel to images at the church be idolaters.</P>

<P>"7. Item, That they which were burnt of late for religion, died God's servants and good martyrs.</P>

<P>"8. Item, For condemning the single life of priests, and other votaries.</P>

<P>"9. Item, For denying the universal and catholic church; meaning belike the church of Rome."</P>

<P>For these assertions, as there are expressed, he was condemned and connnitted to the sheriffs, and also a certificate directed by the bishop aforesaid, to the king and queen: whereby we have apparently to understand, that the said Richard Lush, thus condemned by Bishop Bourn, was there burnt and executed, unless peradventure in the mean season he died, or was made away in the prison; whereof I have no certainty to express.</P>

<P>A note of Thomas Read.</P>

<P>Thomas Read, (who was burnt at Lewes, as it appeareth above,) before he was in prison, determined with himself to go to church. The night following he saw a vision, a company of tall young men in white, very pleasant to behold; to whom he would have joined himself, but it would not be. Then he looked on himself, and he was full of spots: and therewith waked, and took hold, and stood to the truth; God be thanked there-for! And so constantly was burned with his fellows, as is above specified.</P>

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