Prt 2 of imagine

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"Is that supposed to be a complement?" You say to David.
"Only if you want it to be!" He says

5 minutes pass and you clicked on a vlog. You wernt in it nor seen it. It was a recent one too.

"We don't have to watch this one." David says

We get done watching it and I see why David said to not watch it.


Jason- cmon David you have to like someone.

David- shut up I do not.

Jason- is it y/n?!

David- no

Carly/Erin/heAth/Zane/Jason/-omg it so is.

David- guys shut up is not!

Then I walk through the door.

End of vlog

"You like me?" You say

Prt 3.
Sorry guys like I'm overwhelmed with all of this stuff like how. Y'all must really like this book. I'm very glad remember I have my second book of this 2! It's on my page❤️❤️ if y'all have any requests just please let me know!!❤️❤️

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