Foxe's Book of Martyrs V12 The Reign of Queen Mary I Part IV.

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"9. Item, That all and singular the premises have been and be true and manifest, and thyself not only infamed and suspected thereof, but also culpable therein; and by reason of the same, than wast and art of the jurisdiction of me, Edmund, bishop of London; and before me, according to the order of the ecclesiastical laws, are to be convented: and also by me to be punished and reformed."

Here follow likewise their answers, in general, made to the articles above rehearsed.

Answers to Bonner's articles.

"And first, concerning the first article, on believing there is a catholic church -- to the first article they, altogether agreeing, affirmed the same to be true: John Tudson, and Thomas Browne, further adding, that the Church of England, as it was at that present used, was no part of the true catholic church.

"Concerning the second article, that there be in the church seven sacraments -- they answered, that they acknowledged but only two sacraments in Christ's catholic church; that is to say, baptism, and the supper of the Lord: John Went and Tudson affirming, that the sacrament of the altar, as it is used, is an idol, and no sacrament at all.

"Concerning the third article, that they were first baptized in the faith of the catholic church, professing by their godfathers the profession of the same, &c. -- they all agreed, and confessed it to be true, that they were baptized in the faith of Christ, and of the church then taught; and afterward, during the time of King Edward the Sixth, they, hearing the gospel preached, and the truth opened, followed the order of the religion and doctrine then used and set forth in the reign of the said King Edward.

"Concerning the fourth article, that they for the space of certain years did ratify or allow, and not depart from any part of the profession of the same church -- to this fourth article they granted also and agreed: John Went adding moreover, that about seven years past, he (then being about twenty years of age) began to mislike certain things used in the Church of England, as the ministration of the sacrament of the altar; likewise all the ceremonies of the said church: and did likewise at that present time mislike the same as they were used, although his godfathers and godmother promised for him the contrary.

"John Tudson added also in much like sort, and said, that when he came to the years of discretion, that is, about nine years past, (being about eighteen years of age,) he did mislike the doctrine and religion then taught and set forth in the Church of England, saving in King Edward's time, in whose time the gospel was truly set forth. And further said, that the doctrine set forth in the queen's reign was not agreeable to God's word, nor yet to the true catholic church that Christ speaketh of.

"Isabel Foster with other granted, adding likewise, and saying to the said four articles, that she continued in the same faith and religion which she was baptized in, after she came to the years of discretion, as other common people did; howbeit, blindly and without knowledge, till the reign of King Edward the Sixth: at which time she, hearing the gospel truly preached and opened to the people, received thereupon the faith and religion then taught and set forth.

"Concerning the fifth article, that they of late years have swerved and gone away, misliked and spoken against the profession of the same church, at least some part thereof, especially the sacrifice of the mass, the sacrament of the altar, and the authority of the Church of Rome -- they answered the same to be true, according to the contents thereof: Thomas Whittle adding moreover, that he had swerved and gone away, and not in whole, but in part, not from the whole catholic church, but from the Church of Rome, in speaking against the mass, the sacrifice thereof, and the see of Rome.

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